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Consultation Packages - Postgraduate & MBA
FutureWorks offers Postgraduate & MBA students 3 types of consulting packages
1. Customized Consultation Packages 2. Comprehensive Consultation
3. Hourly Services  
Customized Consultation: Pick a service that works for you
At Futureworks, our expert counselors are available for your specific admissions need and requirements at your comfort. You can choose to consult us for any one or more of the following areas in a tailor made counseling sessions. Click on the links below to know more about each area of our expertise:
Are you not sure which postgraduate program is right for you? If so, we can help you decide which program you should pursue. We first conduct an in-depth background analysis of your interest, values and goals. Based on this assessment we will shortlist courses for you and work with you to select courses to apply to. We will cover the pros and cons of each course including the career prospects for each of them. Once, we know which course is right for you, we will then help you shortlist which universities to apply to.
Confused about rankings? Not sure what makes one university different from the other? Are all the different websites now becoming a blur? Don't worry - we can help you select the right university. We first conduct an in depth background analysis of your background, interests, values and goals. Based on this assessment we will shortlist universities for you and work with you to select which universities to apply to.
Have you completed your application, and now want some advice on whether it's working or how you can still improve it? If so, we can help! We will give you tips on how to make your application even stronger - this will include advice on how to better position yourself to stand out from your peers, how to make your essays more impactful and how to ensure that all the different components of your application are working hard to tell different parts of your story.
Recommendations are a very important part of every application! If you are unsure about how to pick your recommenders and how to approach them, then we can provide you expert advice on this - this includes recommendation strategy, advice and review. We will also work with you to decide whether or not you should consider sending in supplemental recommendations and if so how you should approach your recommenders to do this.
Not sure on how to focus your essay or how to make your points in a more impactful manner? We will start with a university specific brainstorming session to help you to decide which topic to focus. Then we will work with you on how to structure your essay to make the most impact. After that we will work with you on your drafts to assess them for impact, clarity and distinctiveness. We encourage you to do multiple drafts, getting our feedback on each one, so that you can perfect your essay.
Have you written your essay, but are struggling to edit it down to the strict word count that many applications have? We can help you to edit the essay without losing your tone, style, personality and count - and still keep it within the required word count.
Do you get nervous during interviews or do you just need some extra practise? Practise can make perfect! At this stage in the process you generally have somewhere between a 40%-60% chance of getting in, depending on the university you are interviewing with, so it’s well worth being absolutely prepared.

So if you would like you can do mock interviews with us during which time we will ask you interview questions, from our extensive bank of questions that have been asked in actual interviews, and give you feedback on how to improve each of your answers. We have two mock interview packages:
  • Option A: 1 hour mock session along with guidelines on how to perform better.
  • Option B: 3 mock interview sessions, guidelines and practise material.
Have you been waitlisted at one of your dream schools? If so, it's well worth staying on the waitlist. Not only do we have experience in getting waitlisted clients accepted but we have even recently had a client who was on the extended waitlisted and then accepted in the following year' s class! We will review your application, your interview notes and discuss your background with you to devise a waitlist strategy for you so that you can address any concerns with on your background or improvements in your profile since you applied and present them in an impactful way to the admissions committee.
Were you unsuccessful in getting admitted into an MBA program previously? If you want advice on whether or not to reapply and how to strengthen your application we can do so. We will first assess your previous applications and all aspects of your background ' your grades, GMAT, work experience, community, extra-curricular activities and other accomplishments. We will then provide you detailed advice on how to better project your accomplishments and strengthen your profile for future applications.
We often find that candidates are unsure as to how detailed their goals should be and what aspects of their past they should emphasize. As a result often the goals come across as are either too vague or unrealistic. To address this, we will brainstorm with you to help you crystallize your goals and put them forth in a manner that is compelling, specific and realistic. By identifying interesting stories from your past we will help you to demonstrate how your past makes you a strong candidate for the specific program you are applying to and provides a firm foundation for your future goals.

In addition, we will help you clearly convey why you have chosen that specific program and university. We then help you think about how to structure your essay to make the most impact. We will work with you on your drafts to assess them for impact, clarity and distinctiveness. We encourage you to do multiple drafts, getting our feedback on each one, so that you can perfect your essay.
Comprehensive Consultation
We know that applying to universities for study abroad can be an arduous process and managing your time efficiently for your application can make or break your dream of higher education. At Futureworks, we provide you with Unlimited assistance right from day one.

Futureworks offers you :
  • Critical Assessment of your profile and background, addressing vulnerabilities through profile building
  • Program and university selection
  • Networking and communication strategy with the respective schools
  • Monitoring of communication strategy and profile building activities
  • Recommendation strategy
  • Extensive essay advice and refinement
  • Interview preparation with mock sessions and practice material
  • Waitlist strategies and final school selection.
  • This package and pricing gives you unlimited hours.

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Hourly Services
Are you are looking for some very specific help? If so, we can also provide an hourly consultation , this gives you the ultimate flexibility to focus on the specific help you need for exact the amount of help you want. You can either buy an hour at a time or we can provide you an estimate of how many hours will be required and a few hours can be bought in advance.