FutureWorks Consulting, an admissions consulting provider for applicants to leading universities abroad, will be holding a counselling session on study abroad options for students who have already received their Class 12 Board Exam results. This session will be a part of the Hindustan Times ‘HT Campus Calling’ initiative.  After receiving great feedback last year, we have been  yet again invited to be part of this expert panel organised by the Hindustan Times.

HT Edge reported on 22.05.2010 that with the number of students with over 95% increasing this year the competition to get into Delhi University is likely to get even tougher this year. So it is not surprising that students have a lot of questions they want answered about their options at Delhi University and aboard.” says Kavita Singh, CEO of FutureWorks Consulting. Kavita Singh, CEO of FutureWorks Consulting will be talking about the various options students have if they wish to study abroad. If students want to enrol in college this September then there are still options for them to consider.

For example, there are over 220 Colleges in the US that still have spaces available and there are still options in the UK and Canada that can be pursued. Further, many US and Canadian Universities have a winter/spring enrolment which means that students can apply this year and join university sometime in winter 2011 or spring 2012. Two other options are to transfer after one year or to take a ‘gap year’ and apply next year. To learn more about these options you can go to http://futureworks.co.in/knowledgecenter/undergraduate/just-got-your-class-12-board-exam-results-what-options-do-you-still-have-to-study-abroad.htm