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R2 or r3
"Chance of getting into a good school becomes quite bleak in R2 or R3, and it applies especially for international students" It’s a myth or reality? Experts please comment.
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New gmat vs old gmat
Does anyone know if the current GMAT scores will be taken in Grad school admissions in 2012 and after? I know that scores are valid for 5 years but if
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Seek advice on Schools known for marketing programs
GMAT Score : 730 (taken recently) Qualification : Mechanical Engineer Work Ex : 3+ years in Automobile industry I seek admit in B-schools that are known
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Profile eval n please finance media gal
GMAT: 710 (Q47, V41, AWA6) GPA: 3.4 (McGill, finance major, did 4-year program in 3 years, started with 3.8, but had a horrendous 2.7 semester) Full CFA (first-time pass of
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Manhattan GMAT Books
Has anyone used the Manhattan GMAT books NOT in conjunction w/ a tutor (pure self study)? Any suggestion? I just got the books last night and set
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Part time Rutgers or NYU
Hello Guys. I am a NJ resident looking to pursue a part time MBA program, either NYU or Rutgers. I am getting tuition reimbursement of up to 12,000 a year
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Hello, What is the basic difference between the two programs? Is the MBA more suitable for a reason seeking a career change and the M.Fin more suitable for an experienced
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What are my chances of getting into a top 10 mba program
Here are the basics: 1. 38 years old 2. GMAT - 710 - 92% (47 on quantitative (76%), 41 on Verbal (92%), and 6 on essays (91%)) 3.
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I am an engineering student (computer science).i have completed my 3rd year.my acads
hi all.. i am an engineering student (computer science).i have completed my 3rd year.my acads are as follows 10th 95% 12th 84% cgpa(till 3rd year) 7.23 (out of 10) i
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Stuck at 680 on practice tests!
Hi everyone, I am about to take the test in November (either on the 10th or 17th) and had some practice tests done these couple of weeks. I
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What do i need for awa
Hi guys, I just finished my gmat today and got a 730 on it. I don't feel good about my AWA I'm just wondering with a 3.8 gpa and no
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Double spacing on school essays??
Hi, Ok so this might sound like a dumb question, but do ALL business school essays need to be double spaced? I'm asking because I've seen Stanford specifically
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Georgia WebMBA suggestions
Hi, I am senior software professional with 8+ experience living in bay area. I am planning to pursue online MBA degree from Georgia WebMBA consortium. There are 6
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Profile evaluation request
Hope someone would be able to help evaluate my profile to see if I'll be suitable to apply for an MBA program for 2012. I'm keen to go into consulting
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GMAT Guidance Required Please
I am DEVASTATED.... I got a mere 490 score with a score of 45 in Quant and 14 (pathetic) in Verbal. I am shocked to
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Probably an unusual GMAT plan
I am in the process of framing a very long term plan to tackle GMAT. I will be taking GMAT only in 2013/14 time period. The reason
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Critique my profile
I am looking for people to assess my profile and give me some tips on how I can improve it. My goal schools are Northwestern and U. Of Chicago, and
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Profile Evaluation and pre-application prep suggestions
I am looking for some guidance on my MBA journey. Facts: Indian/IT/Male (8 years experience in a large product development company currently in UK) Current profile -
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Taking math before applying
I am thinking of applying next fall (2012) but don't have any college math classes worth mentioning on my college resume (one bad grade in a theoretical class). I'm thinking
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Profile evaluation request
I am wondering about my chances at schools such as Booth, Kellogg, Columbia, Ross. Age: 27 GMAT: 730 (45V 45Q) – a little concerned with the low Q here (74th
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