Are you aiming for a high GPA to get into the school of your dreams? Then you should definitely know how to study the best you can. If not, then today’s post for college goers Thursday will be definitely be worth reading.

How to study better to increase your GPA?
The first tip for students is to regularly attend classes. Use the course material provided, your lecture notes, and write out a master guide for exam reviews. It is essential to write out the key concepts and to also understand the workings of the concept. Medical students often use tricks and mnemonic sto commit information to memory and you can too. You can also relate things to you personally, for example if you are trying to remember the year 1968 and your mom is 68, use that as the link. Try it, it really works.

Where should I study?
Move around a little! Changing the place where you study can sometimes help combat boredom and fatigue. While most people have a tough time studying at home, studying in  a public place might distract you less. This way, you would be less distracted by the TV, cell, music or the fridge! Take your texts along to coffee shops, libraries, parks, a friends house or to  campus. Most public places now have free wi-fi so using the internet isn’t difficult either. If you need music, carry your ipod. Make finding the best place to study a game and make sure to try out new places.

Who makes a good study partner?
Studying in groups can be very motivating and prove to be a key to study better. The quality of your learning experience is directly related to the attitudes of the people you work with. Working with smart people will facilitate discussion. The best way to understand an idea is talking about it with other intelligent people.
When choosing study partners a good rule to follow is, chose one person far more knowledgeable and one person less knowledgeable than you. This way the group can teach each other key concepts and identify components that may have gone unaddressed.

Learn how twitter can increase your GPA.
A recent study performed by Reynol Junco at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania found that students who used the microblogging platform Twitter earned a GPA that was, on average, half a point higher than those who didn’t.

The study took a group of 140 students who had not used Twitter previously and had half make use of the service and the other half abstain. The half that used Twitter was able to tweet during class, submit homework via the service and otherwise interact with their instructors while the other half had to do without such benefits.

When it was done, students who had used Twitter had an average GPA of 2.8, just under a “B” and a full half a grade point higher than those who did not. The Twitter users also showed a higher level of engagement and a higher level of commitment to the school.

Stanford’s 60 minute exercise to increase your GPA
Recently Stanford University psychologists designed an exercise to increase the GPA of minority students. Stanford psychologists say “But when black freshmen participated in an hour-long exercise designed by Stanford psychologists to show that everyone – no matter what their race or ethnicity –has a tough time adjusting to college right away, their grades went up and the minority achievement gap shrank by 52 percent.” And years later, those students said they were happier and healthier than some of their black peers who didn’t take part in the exercise. You can read more on the exercise on Stanford’s website.

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