Good Morning Friends. Remember the proverb since school days “As you sow, so shall you reap”. To get into top colleges we need to polish and make our areas strong. I am talking about the admissions in top notch colleges where your application needs to be outstanding. If your application shines then your chances are greater to get into the top colleges. Admission officers look upon your grades, core subjects that you took in school, ACT/SAT scores, GPA, how you present yourself in the interview, your extracurricular activities, demonstrated interest, recommendation letters, AP classes and much more. Last week I shared my opinion on. Today I will share with you the art of getting accepted in top colleges.


  • AP (Advanced Placement) classes are offered by many high schools and most colleges expect that you take up these classes. It shows that you are willing to take challenges.
  • Take up full time foreign language courses. It will be a big plus to your application as colleges are stressing more on global awareness.
  • Try to maintain upward trend in your grades. Taking up extracurricular activities/courses should not stop you from getting good grades.
  • Different colleges calculate GPA differently. Some may consider only English, Math, Social Sciences or foreign Language.
  • The best interviews are the ones where the interviewer feels he/she has identified you rightly. Avoid talking on subjects like your relationships, affairs, your addiction or the negative side of your personality.
  • Mention the books that you have really read and not the ones that are ideal to be read. This may put you in problem. Instead you can talk about good books that you actually read to impress the admission officer.
  • Answer the questions maturely and try to own the mistakes that you made instead of playing the blame game. This will definitely impress the admission officer.
  • Avoid getting excited or tempted at the interview.
  • Your questions to the interviewer should put you in positive light. Your questions should reflect your talent and smartness.
  • Recommendation letters should be written by those who know you well. Very polished and creamy letters are chance to doubt. Be honest in writing about yourself.
  • Art colleges require portfolios of students. You can attend portfolio development or preparation courses to prepare your portfolio.
  • Act as per the situation. What if your first choice college has waitlisted you and the other has accepted you? You need to sit down and think quietly about your priorities and then decide.
  • One important thing after college admissions is dismissal. To retain your good reputation in college are you can either appeal to the person individually, do not let your parents plead to the college authority. Show that you are really guilty about your mistake. Don’t play blame games. Always be polite with your seniors.

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