As posted by Louis Lavelle in Bloomberg Business Week: “..The number of MBA applicants at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management that have been rejected because of plagiarism has grown exponentially, with 40 more rejected in the second round of applications.

The new cases of plagiarism bring the total to 52. As reported yesterday in Business Week, 12 cases of plagiarism were discovered in a batch of 870 first-round applications. An additional 40 cases were discovered in the applications submitted for the second-round, says Elise Anderson, a spokeswoman for the school. The third round, which has an April 18 deadline, typically gets another 500 to 700 applications, Anderson says. So it’s possible that more plagiarized essays will be found in the third round.

The plagiarism was discovered through the use of a service called Turnitin for Admissions, which scans admissions essays looking for text that matches any documents in the Turnitin database. The archive contains billions of pages of web content, books and journals, as well as student work previously submitted to Turnitin for a plagiarism check. Turnitin flags any matches it finds, but individual schools determine if the similarity constitutes plagiarism. The service is now in use by nearly 20 business schools, including those at Penn State, Iowa State, Northeastern, and Wake Forest.

Anderson said the school does not currently notify applicants that their essays will be checked through Turnitin. She said the school is determining what, if any, disclosure should be made on its web site.

Research done by Turnitin suggests that plagiarism in admissions essays is vast. The company’s study of 453,000 “personal statements” received by more than 300 colleges and universities in an unnamed English-speaking country found that “more that 70,000 applicants that applied though this system did so with statements that may not have been their own work.” That’s more than 15 percent.”…

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