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Ashoka University

Ashoka University, based in Haryana, is a newly founded private liberal arts college.  Because Ashoka is a new school on the block the school’s first year batch is expected to be around 350 students, though the exact number will depend on the quality of applications. According to Ashoka’s website, the school will “provide intellectually curious Indian students More >

 30 May , 2014 in MBA
Duke MBA Open House Comes to Delhi

If you’ve been dreaming of doing an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business, you now have the opportunity to experience firsthand what the culture, curriculum, and community at Duke University would be like. How? By attending the New Delhi Open House being organized at the Le Meridien Hotel on Sunday, April 14, 2013, between More >

 08 April , 2013 in Breaking News
GMAT HACKS- Tips & Tricks to prepare for the GMAT

The GMAT is not the usual test you take in schools and you know this by now. You cannot stay up all night and get full marks. GMAT is a game. Like say chess, baseball, tennis, or any other sport and if you know the tips and tricks to play the sport, you have an More >

 03 April , 2012 in MBA
How Important Is Your GMAT Score??

Relax, its not just you, everyone frets over their GMAT score. Everyone hates the GMAT. So much stress, so much energy, I’m sure you will ask yourself at some point or the other “How Important is this GMAT?” Now it doesn’t take a genius to figure that you should target a high GMAT score and More >

 27 March , 2012 in MBA
U.S News Releases Best Business Schools of 2013

”U.S. News” just released their rankings of the best business schools. The 2013 ranking put Harvard University and Stanford University at the top. The top 10 business schools for 2013 are as follows:   #1 Harvard University  Boston, MA #1 Stanford University Stanford, CA #3 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) Philadelphia, PA #4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology More >

 20 March , 2012 in Breaking News
NYU School of Medicine and NYU Stern School of Business Jointly Offer MD/MBA Dual Degree Option

NYU School of Medicine and NYU Stern School of Business have launched a five-year, dual MD/Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program. Based on the press release issued by NYU, Steven Abramson, MD, senior vice president and vice dean for education, faculty and academic affairs, NYU School of Medicine states “We are thrilled to introduce More >

 16 March , 2012 in Breaking News
WHICH MBA? Launches New MBA Discussion Forum

  Dear Readers, “…New York, NY—The Economist’s Which MBA? business announced today that it has launched a new MBA discussion forum on The Economist online. The forum, which will be moderated by The Economist’s business education editor, Bill Ridgers, provides a valuable opportunity for visitors to meet and network with current and prospective MBA students More >

 14 March , 2012 in Breaking News
Learn more about Kavita Singh’s experience at Columbia Business School’s J term was like

Hello everyone! We’re excited to start a fresh week of blog-posts with our series MBA Mondays. Learn more about our CEO Kavita Singh’s experience at Columbia Business School’s J term. Columbia Business School was the only school I wanted to go to and hence it was the only school I applied to. One of the More >

 13 March , 2012 in Alumni Speak (Postgraduate)
Should you ever consider applying to only 1 MBA program?

When a good friend of mine contacted me recently to let me know he had only applied to Harvard Business School and gotten it, I was absolutely thrilled for him. I wasn’t surprised he had gotten in – Luke is from New Zealand, has worked in New Zealand, New York and Rome and has had More >

 09 March , 2012 in Foreign students Friday
Why I chose to go to the Tepper School of Business at CMU?

Dear MBA aspirants see what Aditya Bhargava has to say about his MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon University. Name: Aditya Bhargava Undergraduate College: SRCC Undergraduate Major: BA Honours (Economics) Postgraduate Degree: MBA in Finance, Carnegie Mellon University Current Job: MD, SITQ India Why I chose to go to CMU? GSIA (the Masters program at More >

 07 March , 2012 in Alumni Speak (Postgraduate)