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Bard College in Berlin!

Bard College in Annandale-On-Hudson has merged with ECLA for a new location in the inspirational European city of Berlin.  Students have the opportunity to earn either or both U.S. and German B.A. degrees within 4 years.  This type of program offers a broad range of career opportunities in Europe and North America.  As a reflection More >

 17 February , 2014 in College goers Thursday
Grinnell College – One of the Leading Liberal Arts Colleges in the U.S.

Grinnell College recently visited New Delhi and held an information session discussing the benefits of a liberal arts education and what their school has to offer. FutureWorks CEO, Kavita Singh, attended the event and met with admissions staff and the President of Grinnell College. Grinnell is ranked as one of the top 20 Liberal Arts More >

 14 February , 2014 in Admissions Events
Why an Engineering Degree is Right for You and How FutureWorks Can Help

When I was a student in school, there were only three professions worth pursuing in the eyes of Indian parents. You could be either a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer. The cultural reinforcement was so strong that if you wanted to study anything else, everyone thought it was because you didn’t have good enough More >

 27 January , 2014 in Alumni Speak (Postgraduate)
Interview with Ananda Mitra, Alumni and Professor at Wake Forest University

Hello Everyone, We recently had an opportunity to talk with Professor Ananda Mitra from Wake Forest University about Wake Forest  and what it has to offer to its international students.  As an Alumni and now Faculty, he had some great insights we wanted to share with you:   How would you describe the culture of More >

 16 December , 2013 in Alumni Speak (Undergraduate)
UC Berkeley Hosts Welcome Dinner and Information Session for New Students in Delhi and Mumbai

In an effort to make new students feel more comfortable, UC Berkeley is hosting a Welcome Reception and Information Session in New Delhi and Mumbai this week. Students can use this opportunity to meet other new students and interact with the UC Berkeley alumni. They can also have all their questions answered by a team More >

 10 April , 2013 in Admissions Events
Good News High School Students – The Ivy League Model United Nations Conference Arrives in India!

If you enjoy a healthy exchange of ideas with your peers, are able to logically discuss issues from start to end, and can hold your own in any argument without allowing emotions to overwhelm you, the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference (ILMUNC) is just the platform you need. Hosted by University of Pennsylvania’s International More >

 10 April , 2013 in Breaking News
2013 Undergrad Acceptance Lists Out: Trends Indicate Future Admissions to Become More Competitive

You’ve waited and waited and waited and waited! You chewed on your nails till your fingers bled, pulled your hair out till none were left, and drove your parents up the wall till they were ready to throw you out of the house. But your wait is over and the suspense has lifted. Top schools More >

 03 April , 2013 in UG Students & Parents
The Showdown: The SAT v/s The ACT

The Showdown: The SAT v/s The ACT Now that we’ve been introduced to the SAT and the ACT, let’s look at how the two compare and which might be the better option for you! For “standardizing” the evaluation process, the SAT and the ACT are very different from each other. But undergrad colleges around the US now accept both of them More >

 27 April , 2012 in Jobs and Careers
Caution Undergrad applicants: A Fat acceptance letter may end up being followed by a thin rejection letter.

  It is early spring, when you, an anxious high school senior, check your inbox for university application responses, and guess what – you’re in! You got selected at the under graduate program you always dreamed of! You scream, jump up and down and in short, just go crazy. But wait, you might want to More >

 05 April , 2012 in College goers Thursday
Have You Met Mr. SAT?

  What’s the SAT? The SAT reasoning test is a standardized test conducted by College Board (a non-profit) and used by colleges in the United States, Canada and other countries for admissions. It measures the writing, analytical and problem solving skills of students to measure their readiness before they apply to college. With a non-homogeneous More >

 22 March , 2012 in College goers Thursday