The GMAT is not the usual test you take in schools and you know this by now. You cannot stay up all night and get full marks. GMAT is a game. Like say chess, baseball, tennis, or any other sport and if you know the tips and tricks to play the sport, you have an edge over those who are comparatively ignorant. Here is a bunch of GMAT Hacks for you-

Read the Questions Carefully
I know it sounds silly but as you feel the stress of the clock you might misinterpret questions. And that’s exactly what GMAT test writers often capitalize on. Don’t fall into this trap. You will encounter questions on the GMAT that include incorrect answer choices that were deliberately designed to exploit likely misinterpretations of what the question is really asking.

Avoid Random Guessing
Unfortunately the GMAT does not allow you to skip questions and come back to them later. Even if you don’t know the answer to a particular question, you have to answer it. So the smartest thing to do is to take an educated guess rather than resorting to random guessing – even if you are running out of time on the section. Usually you will be able to identify at least one answer choice that is clearly wrong. Eliminate it and your odds improve. Right?

Practice, Practice, Practice
The best way to develop your time management skills is to practice taking the test. You will repeatedly see us return to the theme of practice throughout this website. I would strongly recommend you to take at least a few mock GMAT exams, in the computer-adaptive format and to try to simulate the actual testing environment. So no taking food breaks, engaging in telephone conversations and all that.

Spend adequate time on the first 5 questions
Remember I told you, how the first couple questions in any GMAT section are used to determine the range of questions that the program ‘thinks’ can handle. Thus, your answers to the first 5 questions will make a HUGE difference in your final section score. Solve these with extra care-double check if you have to. They must not be incorrect. If you are unsure of the answer to one of these first questions, at the very least, take a very good educated guess by eliminating.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Take the GMAT
Don’t count on taking the GMAT at the last minute. Scheduling the GMAT well into the admissions season is also bound to cause most of us undue stress. With proper planning and insight, you can spare yourself these negative energies and instead focus on maximizing your GMAT score.

Be a GMAT Instructor
Okay, I’m not saying find a job somewhere, but I honestly feel that the best way to learn something is to teach it! Swallow your pride and teach your cute crush, girlfriend, annoying brother, far-off cousin, mother, whoever and revise!

Lastly, I know studying for a test is never fun, but try and turn it into a challenge, even a game. Try and rewards yourself for staying on track. Inspire yourself. In the end the hard work will pay off! Happy Nerding!!!

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