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Carnegie Mellon University| A Science student’s haven Top Schools Tuesdays

A warm welcome from FutureWorks; a place where we help turn the dreams and aspirations of students into solidified reality every day. At our Knowledge Center, we strive to provide you with information which is relevant, insightful and useful in getting admission to your dream school or college. Today, we take a quick look at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU); an institution which over the years has established itself as a premiere institution for Science students.

 21 June , 2011 in MBA
MBA admission in US- Is an Accelerated MBA fit for you? MBA Mondays

Good Morning Readers! Today, as part of our MBA Monday, we will be touching upon the one year MBA or accelerated MBA programs. In our business, we sometimes come across clients who are not clear about the concept and requirements of an accelerated MBA program. Let’s start by defining what an accelerated MBA program is. More >

 13 June , 2011 in MBA
Why you should not use the same MBA Essays across different applications

Most applicants I speak to generally plan to try to use the same essays, where possible across different MBA applications. It’s generally not a good idea to do that. And why is that? Don’t try to get away with cutting and pasting an essay you’ve written for another school when completing your application to the More >

 10 July , 2010 in Application Essays
Admissions to Business Schools: What does your GMAT score tell the admissions committee?

Applicants to Business Schools spend a lot of time studying for the GMAT and worrying about their score. Let’s examine why the GMAT plays a role in the application process and what it indicates to the admissions committee. The GMAT exam was created in 1954 because business schools did not think that existing tests gauged More >

 13 May , 2010 in MBA
Is it okay to quit my job before I apply to Business School?

A few potential applicants have asked me whether it is okay to quit their job before applying to Business School. And of course the answer is that it ‘depends’ on why you are taking time off and what you plan to do in that time. Before taking time off examine your reasons for doing so, More >

 12 May , 2010 in