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College admission tools: College goers Thursday

Welcome everyone to College Goers Thursday! How has everything been so far? Hope you are enjoying every bit of it. A few weeks ago, US News Education published an article on various tools available to aid the college admission process. Net price calculator The first tool to aid College admission process provided by US News More >

 18 August , 2011 in College goers Thursday
What to keep in mind after college acceptance: Wednesday words of wisdom

College admission applications, letter of recommendations, interviews and all the hard work that you put in has paid. You’ve gotten in and your job is done. Do you really believe so? You must realize that a successful entry in no way guarantees a successful exit. Today’s words of wisdom would be focusing on how to More >

 27 July , 2011 in Wednesday words of wisdom
Yale: Top choice for law students Top School Tuesday

While ranking the top law schools in the world in 2011, Yale retains the top slot in the overall ranking.  Unanimously considered one of the preeminent centers of legal studies in the world, today’s top school Tuesday explores education in detail at the Yale Law School. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale Law School is one More >

 26 July , 2011 in Top School Tuesday
Cornell: Top architecture school in 2011 Top school Tuesday

A big welcome to readers at Top school Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, we cover some top school and present it to you. Today, as the topic suggests, we have covered the top architecture school in US: Cornell. Cornell University has repeatedly stood as the No.1 Undergraduate Architecture program – in what survey – we need to More >

 19 July , 2011 in Top School Tuesday
Rural v/s Urban College Campus: College Goers Thursday

Christiana was having a hard time to know what she want, a rural or an urban college. She always desired a cultural or a natural setting as she was living in suburbs from quite a long time and life isn’t dynamic there. On one hand she was attracted towards urban schools because of the wealth More >

 07 July , 2011 in College goers Thursday