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Location, Markets and Business – Columbia Business School

Good Morning Friends. We are back with our MBA Mondays and our today’s article is featured on 51% of Columbia MBAs went into finance. Our last post discussed on Worried about low ACT scores. All businesses and industries have their roots in Finance. MBAs need to have good quantitative skills to get into the field More >

 19 December , 2011 in MBA
Dr. Jack and Kavita Singh Meet The Entrepreneurs Organisation

“Lessons from Twenty Five Years Training Aspiring Entrepreneurs: From the Classroom to the Boardroom” Dr. Jack and Kavita will be meeting the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) at Hyatt for evening tea at Hyatt 7pm. Dr. McGourty plans to present lessons learned from teaching and developing entrepreneurs from all levels of experience, from high school students to More >

 25 October , 2011 in Breaking News
10 business schools that receive the most applications

Last week we had a talk on Stanford Tops Green MBA Ranking. This post mostly talks about the business schools admissions. Graduating from top business schools is a life changing experience. With emphasis on intellectual discovery and critical thinking, we also get corporate life experience. Why do students opt for top business schools? Top business More >

 18 October , 2011 in MBA Students
Best Business Schools for Social Entrepreneurship

Before I start talking about the best Business Schools for Social Entrepreneurship, lets first discuss what Social Entrepreneurship is.  A social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principals to organize, create, and manage a venture to create social change. A business entrepreuner typically measures performance in profit and return, however a social entrepreneur focuses More >

 14 June , 2010 in MBA
Early Decision and Early Action programs saw some significant increases in 2009

  Several top tier undergraduate program at US Universities and Colleges saw significant increases in their Early Decisions and Early Action application rounds compared to 2008. For example, Brown University saw a 21% increase in the number of Early Decision applications and Duke University saw a 25% increase. The University of Chicago saw a whopping More >

 25 April , 2010 in Undergraduate