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Dropping out of Ivy League might just boost your entrepreneurial venture

Welcome friends to Foreign Students Friday series in this New Year. Our last year post discussed about The U.S College Degree Jargon and today we will shed light on topic “Is dropping out of an Ivy League a rite of passage for female entrepreneurs.” Have you heard about this quote by Marshall McLuhan “The winner More >

 06 January , 2012 in Foreign students Friday
Precise Lessons for MBA applicants

We are back with MBA Mondays. Last Monday post was about entrepreneurship coupled with innovation. Not everyone is Steve Jobs or John Grisham and we all know the fact. But we can get motivated by these personalities and can adopt their positive qualities in our lives. If you want to amplify your chances of being More >

 24 October , 2011 in MBA Mondays
Producing the Perfect Entrepreneurs

Dear Friends, our last Top School Tuesdays post talked about courses offered by Haas School of Business. Today we plan to discuss how these Top schools play a role in shaping our personal and academic lives. The post also touches the aspect of entrepreneurship and how Top schools groom entrepreneurs. MBA is a study about More >

 11 October , 2011 in MBA Students
Deirdre Leopold shares HBS Application Tips

One of our goals with our posts in Knowledge center has been to share tips with students for getting into a top flight business school. Recently, we had talked about Harvard Business School’s deadline and essay topics for the class of 2014. Today in Top School Tuesday, we will be sharing with you some excellent More >

 27 September , 2011 in Top School Tuesday
The Start-up and the MBA: Should you consider an MBA if you plan to become an entrepreneur?

Does passion and enthusiasm makes an entrepreneur successful or does a person need an MBA to take his venture to new heights? This is one question which has always had two very radical schools of thought for & against it, and understandably so, because in recent history, we have seen so many intelligent individuals like More >

 08 April , 2011 in MBA