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FutureWorks and Oxford Discover come together to engage with the Indian aspirants

This July Future Works Consulting is bringing Indian students one step closer towards their dream of attending Oxford University. One of the companies that FutureWorks Consulting works with is doing a very special lecture on ‘A Chance to Discover Oxford’ in New Delhi. In this event you will get the opportunity to meet two dynamic More >

 13 July , 2011 in Undergraduate
The Evolution of the MBA:MBA Mondays

Welcome to another edition of MBA Mondays from the Futureworks Knowledge Centre. At Futureworks, we are constantly engaged in providing you relevant updates about undergraduate and post graduate studies at top universities globally, along with complete guidance on application procedures and admissions. Today, we look at how it all started for one of the most More >

 27 June , 2011 in MBA
The Public Ivies: An interesting alternative for International Applicants-Foreign Student Fridays

Greetings from FutureWorks! Our constant endeavour remains to provide you with the best advice from across the globe in understanding admissions to top universities across the globe and providing you with an expert view about the various facets of the entire academic process. Today, we are going to look beyond the fabled Ivy League and More >

 24 June , 2011 in Foreign students Friday
Undergraduate Study in the US | Planning your summer | Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Greetings from Futureworks and welcome to the Wednesday Words of Wisdom! If you’re an aspiring student to a top US college, then the summer is one season when the trials and tribulations of high school and the pressures of college admissions are something you want to keep furthest from your mind.

 22 June , 2011 in MBA
Carnegie Mellon University| A Science student’s haven Top Schools Tuesdays

A warm welcome from FutureWorks; a place where we help turn the dreams and aspirations of students into solidified reality every day. At our Knowledge Center, we strive to provide you with information which is relevant, insightful and useful in getting admission to your dream school or college. Today, we take a quick look at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU); an institution which over the years has established itself as a premiere institution for Science students.

 21 June , 2011 in MBA