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Women take to Harvard in a bigger way than before: Top school Tuesday

Good morning everyone! Since the past few weeks, every Tuesday we have been focusing on some of the top schools in the US. In today’s post let’s talk about one of the most well recognized and highly ranked Business school- Harvard Business School and the women students at  HBS. Recently, a report released by The More >

 05 July , 2011 in Top School Tuesday
The international MBA loan Market: FutureWorks MBA Mondays

Hello everyone. We have a question for you! In addition to a solid GMAT score, great essays and useful recommendations, what is one question top business schools ask the prospective students? Well, it is, “How do you plan to fund your study?” This shouldn’t come as a surprise because MBA programs from top schools; besides More >

 30 May , 2011 in MBA Mondays
Reapplying to Business Schools: Wednesday Words Of Wisdom

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Wednesday Words of Wisdom. If you are a keen follower of our blog, you must be aware that this year has been one of the toughest years to get in and the main reason is, the number of increased applications this year. If more candidates are vying for the same More >

 25 May , 2011 in Wednesday words of wisdom
Women and the MBA II: Initiatives by B-schools to empower women students

Hello & welcome to the 2nd edition in the ‘Women and the MBA’ series! Like we mentioned in the previous post of the series, women are going to B-school in greater numbers than ever before—105,900 women took the GMAT exam in testing year 2010 out of 263,979 which represented 40.1%  of the total number of More >

 10 May , 2011 in
Women and the MBA I: Change in management demographics across geographies

Hello readers! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! As promised, we are back with another series of posts this week and this time we’d be looking at ‘Women and the MBA’. To date we have found that there remain  some myths and pre conceived notions attached to the female demographic in the MBA domain and More >

 09 May , 2011 in