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Producing the Perfect Entrepreneurs

Dear Friends, our last Top School Tuesdays post talked about courses offered by Haas School of Business. Today we plan to discuss how these Top schools play a role in shaping our personal and academic lives. The post also touches the aspect of entrepreneurship and how Top schools groom entrepreneurs. MBA is a study about More >

 11 October , 2011 in MBA Students
Let’s bust some college related Myths: College goers Thursday

Hello everyone, welcome to the college goers Thursday. There are many myths about the college admissions process. By sorting fact from fiction, you can focus your time and energy on what matters most. Lets dispel some college related Myths.   Myth: An A is always better than a B. Truth: Admissions officers understand the difference More >

 11 August , 2011 in College goers Thursday
Yale: Top choice for law students Top School Tuesday

While ranking the top law schools in the world in 2011, Yale retains the top slot in the overall ranking.  Unanimously considered one of the preeminent centers of legal studies in the world, today’s top school Tuesday explores education in detail at the Yale Law School. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale Law School is one More >

 26 July , 2011 in Top School Tuesday
MBA for engineers: MBA Mondays

In today’s professional world, there is a strong case for engineers studying aspects of management and even going for a Master of Business Administration degree. As companies face more complex business issues these days, engineers are in high demand for their analytical abilities and technical knowledge; and if they can combine that with an MBA More >

 04 July , 2011 in MBA Mondays
Health and Safety concerns for international students: Foreign students Friday

Good morning & welcome to another Foreign Students’ Friday! As an international student in US you will have access to excellent health care as the quality of health care available in the United States is among the best in the world. However, medical consultation and service processes in the US differ vastly from some of More >

 01 July , 2011 in Foreign students Friday