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MBA admissions in the US- Financing your MBA: Futureworks MBA Mondays

Hello everyone!! Good morning and hope you had a great weekend! We are back to start another week with the MBA Monday. Continuing from the last week; where we discussed the MBA loan market, today we would like to discuss some other sources of financial aids available for an MBA. Financing your MBA needs serious More >

 06 June , 2011 in MBA Mondays
The international MBA loan Market: FutureWorks MBA Mondays

Hello everyone. We have a question for you! In addition to a solid GMAT score, great essays and useful recommendations, what is one question top business schools ask the prospective students? Well, it is, “How do you plan to fund your study?” This shouldn’t come as a surprise because MBA programs from top schools; besides More >

 30 May , 2011 in MBA Mondays
The Indian student & cultural changes in the west: Foreign Student Fridays

Studying in the United States of America can be a wonderful learning experience. With its flexible syllabus and variety of opportunities, the USA has indeed become the cynosure for those desiring to pursue their higher studies abroad. India too is no stranger to this flourishing trend and as a result, every year hundreds of Indian More >

 20 May , 2011 in Foreign students Friday
MBA Watch V: The dual MBA

Hello everyone, we do hope you have been keenly following the ‘MBA watch’ and have thoroughly enjoyed it till now! We are on the verge of completing the series and today we present the last post in it, which looks at the joint or dual MBA programs that are offered by some of the top More >

 07 May , 2011 in MBA
MBA watch III: The importance of Brand Names in your application; what works and what doesn’t

Brand names can play an important role in almost all aspects of your life; and if you plan to pursue a business & management degree then you will find it can play an important role here too. While your grades at university and scores in standardized tests provide you the essential leverage you need, your More >

 04 May , 2011 in Interviews