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Test prep companies gaining popularity due to guaranteed results

Hello all! Welcome to Wednesday words of Wisdom post. Hope you enjoy reading our posts daily. Remember what we discussed last time? The post was about The key to getting accepted in top-notch colleges. In today’s post we will talk about Ivy League entrepreneurs to take test preparatory. It is a matter of great inspiration More >

 21 December , 2011 in MBA
10 ways to make your application shine

Hello Everyone! Today I will share with you 10 ways to improve and strengthen your application in our Top school Tuesdays. Challenging classes- No application will shine if you don’t have strong academic records. Admission officers will not be satisfied by just your extracurricular activities. It is very important to take up classes that challenge More >

 22 November , 2011 in Interviews
Is Homesickness driving you out of your mind?

Hello Friends! We are back with our Foreign Students Fridays. Desire is the one secret that every man has in his/her career. College life is best part of our life if well mixed with study and pleasure. Ready for your first day at college? Your first day is usually filled with loads of dreams and More >

 18 November , 2011 in Foreign students Friday
How to keep cool through your college admission process

Hello Friends. Last post focused on how MBA can change our life. Today we will talk about how to be sane through your college admission process. College admission process is very stressful for many students and mysterious for parents. College life is full of excitement for students. But before actually starting with your college there More >

 02 November , 2011 in MBA Students
MBA- A gateway to better life

Last post talked about confessions of an MBAian and today’s talks about how a MBA degree can change your life. Most applicants think that MBA is a magic that will change their life without even understanding that why they actually want to do MBA. They start preparing for GMAT thinking that MBA will give them a cool More >

 27 October , 2011 in MBA Students