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UC Berkeley Hosts Welcome Dinner and Information Session for New Students in Delhi and Mumbai

In an effort to make new students feel more comfortable, UC Berkeley is hosting a Welcome Reception and Information Session in New Delhi and Mumbai this week. Students can use this opportunity to meet other new students and interact with the UC Berkeley alumni. They can also have all their questions answered by a team More >

 10 April , 2013 in Admissions Events
The Showdown: The SAT v/s The ACT

The Showdown: The SAT v/s The ACT Now that we’ve been introduced to the SAT and the ACT, let’s look at how the two compare and which might be the better option for you! For “standardizing” the evaluation process, the SAT and the ACT are very different from each other. But undergrad colleges around the US now accept both of them More >

 27 April , 2012 in Jobs and Careers
Increase your GPA: College Goers Thursday

Are you aiming for a high GPA to get into the school of your dreams? Then you should definitely know how to study the best you can. If not, then today’s post for college goers Thursday will be definitely be worth reading. How to study better to increase your GPA? The first tip for students More >

 01 September , 2011 in College goers Thursday
College admission tools: College goers Thursday

Welcome everyone to College Goers Thursday! How has everything been so far? Hope you are enjoying every bit of it. A few weeks ago, US News Education published an article on various tools available to aid the college admission process. Net price calculator The first tool to aid College admission process provided by US News More >

 18 August , 2011 in College goers Thursday
Let’s bust some college related Myths: College goers Thursday

Hello everyone, welcome to the college goers Thursday. There are many myths about the college admissions process. By sorting fact from fiction, you can focus your time and energy on what matters most. Lets dispel some college related Myths.   Myth: An A is always better than a B. Truth: Admissions officers understand the difference More >

 11 August , 2011 in College goers Thursday