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The Showdown: The SAT v/s The ACT

The Showdown: The SAT v/s The ACT Now that we’ve been introduced to the SAT and the ACT, let’s look at how the two compare and which might be the better option for you! For “standardizing” the evaluation process, the SAT and the ACT are very different from each other. But undergrad colleges around the US now accept both of them More >

 27 April , 2012 in Jobs and Careers
The key to getting accepted into top-notch colleges

Good Morning Friends. Remember the proverb since school days “As you sow, so shall you reap”. To get into top colleges we need to polish and make our areas strong. I am talking about the admissions in top notch colleges where your application needs to be outstanding. If your application shines then your chances are More >

 07 December , 2011 in Interviews
Extracurricular activities: The Extras that count Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Hello dear readers! It’s time again for the FWC Wednesday Words of Wisdom! In this weekly feature, our endeavor is always to cover the aspects and topics of admission processes. Today, we focus on one element of the application that candidates often underestimate: extracurricular activities. When you are applying to a College, extra-curricular activities can go More >

 01 June , 2011 in Wednesday words of wisdom
SAT scores-A perspective : College Goers Thursday

Hello readers!! Welcome to the FWC ‘College goers’ Thursday’! We will be looking at one of most important & inquired topic in a college aspirant’s academic life; the Scholastic Aptitude Test or popularly; the SAT. SAT is a standardized test for college admissions in the US and the SAT scores are a major component of More >

 26 May , 2011 in College goers Thursday
Check your prospective schools requirements before you register for the TOEFL

TOEFL, or The Test of English as a Foreign Language, is often taken by international students applying to US universities demonstrate their English-language proficiency. However, for many undergraduate programs the TOEFL may not be required or you may be able to get a waiver, so do check into whether you actually need to take this test before More >

 08 September , 2010 in Undergraduate