Q. Please let me know what my chances are of getting into a Top 35 B-School. I'll keep it brief and fill in details as needed. -25 years old, white, male, from United States -Attended top 25 university in undergrad, majored in Film, with two Business minors -Graduated in '09 with a 3.1 GPA -Started an innovative firm right out of college with international clientele, received national press in NPR, LA Times, Fast Company, and other publications, prefer to keep revenues private -Yet to take GMAT, scored 700 on practice -Strong essay writing and interviewing skills -Interested in getting MBA to expand current business and build new one doing social good

If you are expecting a score above 700 in your final GMAT you would be in a secure position GMAT wise for top schools. How much work experience do you have?
Generally most of the applicants have a good 4-5 years of work experience. Although it is not just the work experience that counts but also what you did there like-what were your achievements, what initiative you took, what changes you drove in your workplace etc. So to leverage this if you can show that in x years you have demonstrated the skills business schools are looking for you could put in a strong set of essays. Hence the quality of your work, your academics and beyond academics will play an important role in determining your candidature. Keep these aspects in mind and build your profile. All the best!