Q. This is my first post on BTG community. you guys are great!!! Keep up the good work!! I have a question. i have been reviewing math for some time now and I am almost "confident" with all math concepts tested on the gmat however i am scared about something. Even though i understand all the math concepts and have been practicing them, i have difficulty translating verbal expressions to algebraic equations. And i know that the entire GMAT math revolves around word problems. What can i do to improve my translation skills? Another thing is...i just completed my undergrad in criminology. So its been long since i've done math.  So far i was using McGraw Hill's GMAT Math Prep guide to prepare for the math section. Do you think I should use an alternative guide to prep for math?  I ordered Manhattan's entire Quantitative set. Is there anything else you would recommend for math prep?  I think since my math background is weak, this might also be part of the reason why I am having difficulty translating verbal exxpressions into algebraic equations.

We heartily welcome you to this forum and it is good to hear that you are confident and satisfied with your math’s preparation. Keep your confidence up as it will help you in overcoming anxieties which are common during the exam preparation time.
Coming to your translation related query we will suggest you to go for Official GMAT followed by Manhattan and Kaplan respectively. Translation based queries need a lot of concentration on each and every sentence of the question, you should break questions into small parts to translate in algebraic expressions and then try to accumulate the whole question. This mechanism will help you to figure out small tricks/points hidden in the questions. As you have mentioned that you were not in touch with mathematics therefore we will suggest you to spend some more time with numbers and expressions to improve your current level.
Keep practicing, as we believe no one is weak and nothing is difficult. If you have any further query then feel free to ask