Q. My a CPA of an US University, had failed twice to get the admission to MBA (Finance)of Harvard & Stanford. Please advice how he can get the admission for this course. Please also advice for any other suitable course he can take up. Thanks

We are extremely sorry to hear about the rejection faced by your son. A score above 700 is desirable when applying to top schools abroad. However GMAT alone wonít determine your chances of admission; beyond the academics will also help you in determining your candidature and your work experience plays a vital role as well. Generally most of the applicants have a good 4-5 years of work experience. Although it is not just the work experience that counts but also what you did there like-what were your achievements, what initiative you took, what changes you drove in your workplace etc.
So your son needs to show that in his years of work he has demonstrated the skills business schools are looking for.
Hence the quality of your work, your academics and beyond academics will play an important role in determining your candidature. Make sure all these elements are taken care of as itís a requisite
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