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Stand out against your competition
Talking to parents and students, we know that there is increasing concern about how competitive it is to get into top universities in USA and Canada. With the number of students applying to institutions abroad increasing every year, the application process is getting more competitive so it makes sense to get a head start so you can build up your profile and stand out against your peers.
Our team of experts have interviewed candidates as part of the admissions process. They understand the admission system and what admission committee’s expect from candidates from an ‘insider’s viewpoint.
Postgraduate & MBA
We work with potential applicants on a wide array of postgraduate programs - including MBA programs as well as Masters and Phd. Level programs in finance, engineering, law, art, sciences, management and many other areas.
Guiding you to SAT success
FutureWorks introduces ArborBridge, the top test prep and academic tutoring company in the US, to deliver intensive SAT programs to students in India aspiring to study abroad.
They will be making their first tutoring batch available to you very soon at FutureWorks premises. The students will be coached by the best tutors in America, who have graduated from Ivy League schools and other prestigious universities. These tutors will fly down from New York to Delhi to coach your sons/daughters for their SAT exams.
Add value to your Candidature
FutureWorks is not just focused on admissions consulting but also on imparting key skills and education. We help you build all the skills that are required to get into a top institution abroad. These skills are extremely useful in your future careers; and that’s why we focus on them.
Creativity & Innovation
Independent study & Original Research
Interdisciplinary Study & Capstone Project
Aesthetics and Presentation
Teamwork and Interpersonal
Leadership and Leadership Challenges