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Admissions Consulting
We offer a comprehensive 7 step process, personalized services and proprietary tools to guide you through each step of the application process.
We work one-on-one with clients with a thorough, comprehensive service that covers the following areas:
Initial review
We ask clients to fill out a detailed background information form so that we can analyze their backgrounds and identify strengths and weaknesses in advance.
Strategy and Planning: After a thorough review of a client’s background we work with them to create their admissions and applications strategy:
  • Program Selection: We help applicants through this process by helping them to understand their personality, strengths, values and interests. We spend time with clients to help them understand the implications of choosing one program over another.
  • University Selection: Futureworks helps clients to select the best universities for them to apply to given their background and their goals. We help them understand all the factors they should consider, agree on which criteria are important and then explore how different universities satisfy these criteria.
  • How to Make an Application Stand out Amongst the Crowd: We work with clients to develop a plan on how to position themselves to each program, strategies and tactics to neutralize their weaknesses and highlight their strengths and ways to get noticed by the admissions committee before they even apply.
Communicating with Universities
We help you create a strategy and plan to communicate with universities, including the admissions office, current students, alumni and faculty.
Personal Statement, Essays and Short Answer Preparation
The personal statement, essays and response to "short answer" questions are a crucial part of your application. We will ensure that they are detailed, developed and results oriented so that you bolster your overall possibilities of success and capitalize on every opportunity. Every aspect of your application will be thoroughly analyzed so that your complete application is virtually perfect.
Letters of Recommendation
Selecting and managing those who will write letters of recommendation takes thought and skill. We will give clients the tools to extract the specific responses that will both complement and supplement their application and grab the attention of Admissions Committees.
Scholarship Application
If the universities you are applying to offer merit based scholarships, we also work with you on the scholarship application.
Interview Preparation
We prepare clients for their interviews, through an extensive mock interview and feedback process, enabling them to enter their interview with thorough preparation, refined answers and the confidence they will need.
Waitlist strategies
If a client gets waitlisted, we work with them on strategies and tactics to improve their chances of getting an acceptance letter.
We continue to work with clients even after they have been accepted. We understand that determining which school to go to can be a difficult choice. We provide objective advice to candidates who are confronted with difficult choices that will impact the rest of their lives.


"How to Select Universities?"

Our Consulting Packages
FutureWorks Consulting offers three types of consulting services:

Workshops for Parents and Applicants

Overview of US Application process
Overview of financial planning process
How to Short-List Universities & Exploring your shortlist