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Coaching on job search process
Futureworks continues to work with clients once they are enrolled at university to help them in the summer and full-time job hunt. Specifically FutureWorks offers the following:

Resume and Cover Letters: Futureworks helps you create targeted, powerful, compelling and concise resumes and cover letters that will ensure that you are differentiated from your peers.

Personal Brand Building Online: We will also guide you through how to build a personal brand, leveraging key tools such as online social and professional networks and blogs. Recruiters today are increasingly researching applicants online prior to and after meeting them. This means that at the very least you need to think through how you are projecting yourself online. Ideally you should learn how to actually leverage the online channel by having an online personal branding strategy.

Developing a strong network online and offline: Whether you are a natural networker or not, this is a key skill that can help you find and land jobs before they are even advertised.  Developing or refining your networking skills will help you now and in the future. FutureWorks helps you to set objectives for the targets, size and growth rate of your professional network.  We help you to develop and prioritize strategies and tactics for building and sustaining relationships with classmates, alumni, employers, mentors, faculty, administrators, and others.


"How coaching on the job search process can help you?"

Our Consulting Packages
FutureWorks Consulting offers three types of consulting services:

Workshops for Parents and Applicants

Overview of US Application process
Overview of financial planning process
How to Short-List Universities & Exploring your shortlist