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Profile Building & Pre-Application Strategies
Undergraduate Profile Building
If you are applying to the US, then it is important to note that top US Universities review your academic and extra-curricular activities from Class 9 onwards. To help you get a head start we start working with you early on to assess your background and build up your profile so that we can highlight your strengths, talents, accomplishments and unique interests to the admissions committee when it comes time to apply for studies abroad.
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We ensure that we create a detailed roadmap that provides you with:
Postgraduate Pre-Application Strategies
If you are a prospective postgraduate applicant, we can coach you on career choices, extracurricular involvement, and standardized test plans so that you are cultivating a candidacy that will maximize your chance of admission to top programs for study in USA and Canada. By helping you develop a long term plan going forward and giving you milestones to achieve, when it comes time to your applications you will be able to differentiate yourself, and will have a host of professional, community and personal achievements to draw upon.
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We conduct an in-depth background analysis of your interests
We assess your values and career goals
We help you develop action plans to
A strategy that differentiates you & strengthens your candidature