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Pre-Departure Coaching
Going abroad can be challenging for some clients as they will face a number of issues for the first time; living away from home, adjusting to a new culture, developing skills that they have never needed to use before and dealing with a rigorous academic schedule.
Given this, FutureWorks offers an in-depth, extensive pre-departure workshop to help accepted students build key skills that will help them hit the ground running. This workshop will include training in key areas like
  • How to Network Successfully
  • How to Excel in Class Discussions
  • Developing Strong Writing Skills
  • Perfecting Your Presentation Skills
  • Working on Cross-Cultural Communication
Clients can either participate in pre-scheduled workshops or request FutureWorks to develop a customized pre-departure coaching program just for their specific needs.


"How pre-departure coaching can help you?"

Our Consulting Packages
FutureWorks Consulting offers three types of consulting services:

Workshops for Parents and Applicants

Overview of US Application process
Overview of financial planning process
How to Short-List Universities & Exploring your shortlist