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US Application Process, Shortlist Universities, Financial Planning | Workshops for Parents and Applicants
Workshops for Parents and Applicants
Overview of US Application Process 
We will cover areas such as Why the US?, How Applicants are Evaluated on Academic Factors, What Non-Academic Factors US Universities Assess You on and Why You Should Start Planning Early.
How to Shortlist Universities and Exploring Your Shortlist
We will discuss what factors to consider when selecting universities and how to assess universities those factors. You will also learn when to start exploring the shortlist, what questions to ask at campus visits and information sessions, how to demonstrate interest and increase your chances for admissions success.
Overview of the Financial Planning Process
You will learn how to calculate the costs, as well as your return on investment! We will then discuss how to create a realistic budget, financial aid options, how to create a financial aid plan and what the financial aid process involves.
The Application Process: Essays, Resumes, Short Answer Questions, Recommendations
We will show you how to create a strategy to best position yourself so that you differentiate yourself from other applicants. You will learn how to write a compelling personal statement, essays and short-answer questions and what you can do to optimize your recommendations.


"What role should the parent play in the admissions process?"
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