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Working with High Schools
Working with High Schools: Undergraduate Applications
For high schools, we offer workshops for students and parents interested in applying for studies abroad for the undergraduate level.
  • A list of suggested workshops for Class 9 to Class 12 is provided. High Schools can select which workshops are most appropriate for them.
  • We can customize the workshops to meet the specific needs of the school or create new workshops if the school has a specific topic they want covered.
  • Our workshops are interactive in nature and will be designed to allow for questions and answers throughout the workshop.

Students and parents who are interested in availing of our personalized consulting services for undergraduate studies in USA/ Canada can approach us directly before or after the workshops. However, there is no obligation for anyone to sign up with FutureWorks

Specific Workshops for Class 9 -12
  • All the services will be delivered in a workshop/seminar format
  • The individual workshops for Class 9 -12 have been created to deliver the following areas of focus at each stage:
Lay the foundation of entire process.Students will be introduced to an overview of the process and will create their intial action plans. The focus in will be on creating a strong academic foundation and leveraging opportunities offered by the school.
Expand the focus to external activities including internships, pre-college programs , state/country level competitions and awards.
Start a 'low key' exploration of colleges.
Focus on the application process including the actual application,interview preparation and waitlist strategies.
Selecting which school to go to and pre-planning for college.
Start selecting colleges and building a relationship with them.
Start financial and scholarship planning.


Working with High Schools: Postgraduate Applications
For high schools, that also wish to provide services for alumni who may be considering a post-graduate program abroad we can offer a workshop on Strategies and Tactics for getting into top universities in USA and Canada.






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