Applying to top UK universities is very competitive. Renowned for its tutorial system, competition for Oxbridge is fierce and the interviews are legendary for being notoriously hard.  We provide highly personalized and expert support at each stage of our holistic, step by step process.

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UK Requirements
Oxbridge Requirements (in addition to UK requirements)
  • Class 10 grades and Class 12 predicted scores.
  • Personal Essay
  • One Letter of Recommendation focused on your performance in a class related to your course
  • 5 UCAS university choices
  • Assessment Tests
    1. These vary by subject, e.g. PPE and Economics & Management require the TSA, History requires the HAT and English the ELAT.
    2. At Cambridge the assessment may happen at, rather than before, interview
  • Writing Samples (if your course requires it)
  • College selection within Oxford or Cambridge
  • Interviews, which mimic the tutorial system.


We provide early advising on strategic decisions that are important several years in advance, such as choosing your high school qualifications and subjects to ensure that you can meet the course entry requirements and build an impressive academic profile.

We help students to explore their academic interests so they can make informed course choices, build their thinking skills, which are critical for interviews and start on  extracurriculars which take time to develop.

We help in

Selecting high school qualifications and subjects

Identifying academic interests and courses

Assessing and building critical thinking skills

Engaging in wider reading, research and work experience


In FutureMap, we help you build a detailed roadmap that includes personalized recommendations for

We know it can be hard to build up your profile, with opportunities seeming limited. We use our extensive, global, database of opportunities to help you build a profile that stands out against students from across the world.

wider reading

academic courses and programs




research activities

leadership, volunteerships and extracurriculars related to your course

We also coach you through the process, helping to refine your skills

We help you develop project and research proposals, design the project/research studies, and advise you on how to showcase or publish these pieces of work.

We will review and provide feedback on each aspect – from your submission for competitions to your research papers to internship applications.


You want to apply this year but you are unsure if you have the profile to have a good shot at get selected for the interview or the reasoning and critical thinking skills to do well in the interview.

We will review your academic credentials, extra-curricular activities and experiences, mock assessment test, and conduct a full mock interview to provide you with a report on your profile and performance, and give you specific strategies for improvement.


We offer a comprehensive service that include

For Oxbridge the subjects in which we have expertise for interview preparation: Law, Land Economy, PPE, Psychology, History, Economics, Economics and Management, Biology and Medicine




University selection

Brainstorming, feedback and editing to craft a unique personal statement that reflects your insights, reflections, passion and commitment to your subject

Training on essay-based assessment tests

Extensive mock interviews

Critical thinking training to improve your ability to address issues in a logical fashion, reason from premises to conclusion, and demonstrate flexibility to new ideas or information

Selection of and feedback on writing samples

What are Oxbridge interviews like?

Why do many animals have stripes?

Imagine we had no records about the past at all, except everything to do with sport – how much of the past could we find out about?

Are our deaths bad for us?

With thought provoking questions, interviews are effectively a mock tutorial and will test your reasoning and critical thinking skills as well as your raw intelligence/precision skills, how you respond to an unfamiliar problem and demonstrating flexibility.

What we are looking for is a student who can address issues in a logical fashion, reason from premises to conclusion, we're looking for someone who can stand up for their own ideas but is not particularly inflexible.

Oxford professor
Thomas Noe

Case Studies