Dream of Studying at Oxford or Cambridge?

Don’t get scared, instead get prepared!

Competition for undergraduate places at Oxbridge is fierce and can be even harder for Indian students.


Don’t get scared, instead get prepared!

Competition for undergraduate places at Oxbridge is fierce and can be even harder for Indian students. Attend our Webinar to gain complete understanding of the Admission Process and how we can help you achieve your dream!

Free Webinar on 28th May ' 22 How to Crack
Oxford & Cambridge Admissions

Attend the FREE ‘Cracking Oxbridge Admissions’ Webinar by Futureworks

In this webinar, we’ll break down the application and interview process and share crucial preparation tips, specifically for the undergraduate Oxbridge format.

For the interviews, essentially mock tutorials that will test your reasoning and thinking skills, there are no study guides online and no practise tests to do on your own, so don’t miss this webinar!

Come and learn from our case studies: 98% of our applicants get invited to Oxbridge for interview and 95% of our students invited to Oxbridge for interview get admitted.

Limited Seats Available!

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study abroad
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Our Success Rate


of our applicants get invited to Oxbridge for interview


of our students invited to Oxbridge for interview get admitted


of our students invited to Oxbridge for interview got admitted in 2021-22

What we’ll cover:

  • What’s the Oxbridge tutorial system and what’s expected of the Oxbridge student
  • How the Oxbridge application process is different
  • Choosing courses, universities and a college wisely: Selecting your course, your 5 UCAS schools, and selecting between Oxford or Cambridge (you can only apply to one)
  • The importance of Class 10 grades and selecting subjects for Class 11 & 12
  • How to get selected for interview
    • Early preparation, including wider reading and research
    • Selecting extracurricular and leadership activities that will actually matter
    • Submitting written work (for courses that require this)
    • Crafting your personal statement
  • Cracking the Oxbridge interview
  • Case Studies of successful applicants
  • Typical problems Indian students face and how to work around them

Who should attend:
Students and Parents
in Class 9-12

Date: 28th May 2022
Time: 11:00 AM IST
Location: Online


"What we are looking for is a student who can address issues in a logical fashion, reason from premises to conclusion, we're looking for someone who can stand up for their own ideas but is not particularly inflexible."
- Oxford professor Thomas Noe

Get Prepared with ‘Cracking Oxbridge Admissions’ FREE Webinar by Futureworks


Kavita Singh, CEO Futureworks

BA, Oxford University
MBA, Columbia Business School


Meet Your Webinar Host

Kavita Singh, coached 10,000 + students, BA, Oxford, MBA Columbia Business School
  • Coached 10,000+ students both a 1-on-1 and seminar format across India as well as the U.S, U.K., France, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya, Nigeria and Dubai.
  • Bachelor of Arts degree (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University
  • Applying to Oxford, Kavita cracked the interview process and received the lowest conditional offer the college had ever offered in its history (the Dean called her personally to make her the offer)
  • Ex-Committee Member, Oxford & Cambridge Society of India
  • MBA degree from Columbia Business School; Dean’s List, Graduated as a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Society, an International Honors Society, honoring high academic achievement in the study of business.
  • Extensive corporate experience, working for leading companies such as Mars, Colgate-Palmolive and WebMD in the US and winning several performance and leadership awards. This lens helps her map students interests to fruitful career choices.
  • Kavita she has designed 4 credit college courses for IES Abroad that runs the programming for the top 200 US universities whose students study abroad in India
  • Kavita has been selected to sit on research approval committees for SIT Abroad and other scholarship committees and be a panellist on programs like Mount Holyoake Shakti.
  • Helped to design and pilot a high school program on Entrepreneurship with Columbia Business School, a program that is now offered all over the world.
  • Ran workshops at schools such Doon School, Shriram School, Vasant Valley, Scottish High and colleges such as SRCC and organizations such as Teach for India.

Our Services


Class 8-10

Services on strategic decisions that need to be made several years in advance such as:

  • Selecting high school qualifications and subjects
  • Identifying academic interests and courses
  • Assessing and building critical thinking skills
  • Engaging in extracurricular activities that show long-term commitment


Class 10-12

A comprehensive package:

  • Start by analysing your background, interests and goals
  • Identify courses and colleges and  create customised recommendations for wider reading, projects, internships, research activities, competitions and leadership activities
  • We will help you develop project and research proposals, design the project/research study and showcase/publish these pieces of work, help craft your personal statement and conduct extensive mock interviews.


Class 12

Not sure if you have the profile to apply this year?

We’ll review your academic credentials, extra-curricular activities and experiences, mock assessment test, and conduct a full mock interview to provide you with a report on your performance, and specific strategies for improvement


Student, 2022
Admitted to Oxford for Law
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“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kavita conducted a deep analysis of my background and helped me realise that I had credentials to get into Oxbridge. Pinpointing specific areas for improvement, she rigorously prepped my for the interview, without which I wouldn’t have made it”.
Student, 2021
Admitted to Cambridge for Economics
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“Kavita not only helped me pick the right subject and college within Cambridge e to apply to, but helped me build my confidence, identified my passions and honed my critical thinking skills”.
Parent of Student, 2016
Admitted to Cambridge University, Land Economy
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“We are not only satisfied but forever indebted to Kavita for helping my son. Futureworks has an excellent, professional team whose commitment and sincerity is paralleled by none. We are so confident in their services that we have now even enrolled our younger son who is only in grade IX”.

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