At Futureworks, we work with students across Law, Engineering, Computer Science, Management, Finance, International Relations & Public Policy, Economics, Psychology, Environment & Sustainability, Journalism, Communications, Politics, and History among others. We have helped students get into top universities, globally, from the US to UK to Canada to Germany.

Some of our recent successes

Harvard Kennedy School
Cambridge, LLM
Columbia, School of International Affairs – 40,000 in aid
Columbia Engineering
Cornell, Johnson Graduate School of Management
Johns Hopkins
Tufts, Fletcher School – 45,000 in aid
Northwestern, Medill
University of Michigan – 45,000 in aid
London Business School
Whether you are in college or early in your career, we know it’s hard to make career choices. At Futureworks we empower our applicants to make informed career choices, select the right Master’s course and universities and build a strong resume so they can stand out in the application process and achieve career success. Here’s how we help, step-by-step. You can start at step 1, or at any point in our process.


We help you decide which Master’s course to select, when to apply for a Master’s and understand which universities employers will really value.

We help by:

deep diving into your different academic, career and personal interests

weaving these together to create exciting career goals

recommending Master’s courses and pathways to achieve your goals

advising you on how to obtain prerequisites

recommending countries and universities to apply to after

  • a deep dive into their curriculums
  • accounting for licensing requirements for professional courses


We help you build a strong academic profile and resume so your application truly stands out. We also review and provide feedback on each aspect – from research papers to fellowship applications.

In FutureMap, we help you build a detailed roadmap that includes

academic courses and programs


internships, fellowships and/or job choices

research activities


extracurricular and leadership activities


In FutureAssess we review your entire profile, including any past applications you submitted to give you recommendations on

if you should apply this year

if you should wait to apply and build your academic profile and resume. ​

how to build your academic profile and resume

alternative course options to pursue, if your grades or profile aren’t strong enough.

how to improve your chances if you are a reapplicant


Master’s applications often also require writing samples, policy briefs, or essays analysing issues and/or proposing solutions to assess your academic potential. We have both the academic knowledge and real world experience to help you develop answers that display your academic prowess.
We work with you on a comprehensive package, that includes:




Strategic positioning of your profile

University selection, and networking and communication with the universities

Brainstorming, feedback and editing of

  • Essays
  • Resumes
  • Recommendations
  • Writing Samples

Mock interviews

Advice on waitlists

Recommendation on which offer to accept


We help you select and submit applications to fellowships and scholarships, including Schwarzman, Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Knight-Hennessy, Commonwealth and Chevening.

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Student, 2021-22, Admitted to London Business School, Masters in Management
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"With an analytical, structured process Kavita helped me craft a unique positioning. Through her step by step approach I managed to recall the minutest but important information, which can very easily be overlooked, to ensure each of my essays were compelling."
Student, 2019-20, Admitted to Columbia, Masters in Computer Science
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"I am ecstatic that I have been offered admission to Columbia! It was a thorough analysis of my background that made all the difference – from selecting the right schools to writing essays and picking recommenders."
Student, 2019-20, Admitted to UC Berkeley Columbia, Masters in Computer Science
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"I had a totally different idea of what an SOP should look like before I met Kavita. I think that’s a common misconception and one that Kavita dispels quickly. The extensive brainstorming is what makes Kavita standout – few other counselors spend the time of quality time she does."
Student, 2020-21, Admitted to Cambridge, LLM
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"It’s her ability to hone in and identify what will make you stand out that resulted in my success. Kavita approaches the applications with a laser focus on what’s important and what isn’t, culling out unnecessary information and drawing out what’s unique."
Student, 2021-2022, Admitted to Columbia, School of International Affairs, Masters in International Affairs.
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"Thank you so much! And I am not just saying this, but it wouldn’t have been possible without Kavita. The brainstorming sessions helped me get so much clarity on what I want to achieve from these programs."