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The competition for top US universities is high, with admission rates at Harvard at less than 4%, and Northwestern at less than 9%. With our proven track record and holistic, step by step process we ensure that we maximize your potential.   

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We work with students from Class 9 onwards, in a comprehensive step-by-step process. You can start with us right from step 1, or at any point in our process.


We assess your academic, extracurricular and personal interests and experiences to help you with the following:

identify your unique interests and strengths

craft exciting academic and personal goals

select majors (and minors)

decide on which countries and universities to apply to

if you are applying to multiple countries, we help you to prioritize your choices


We build a detailed roadmap with customized recommendations on each of the following areas. Using our global, database we find unique opportunities and mentor you through each activity, helping you recruit teams, identify local and international partners, enter competitions, find funding, or design research.

subject selection

academic programs


several projects


research activities

extracurricular and

leadership activities


We conduct a deep assessment of your profile

to advise you on whether it’s competitive for top schools

to provide specific recommendations for improvement

suggest alternative ways to achieve your career goals if you have low grades or issues with your resume – we don’t want you to give up on your dreams!


Because we spend significant time understanding your background, interests, experiences and goals, we are equipped to strategically position you as an applicant and brainstorm extensively to develop stellar essays, resumes and recommendations.

Our comprehensive application consultation includes:




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Strategic positioning of your profile

University selection, and networking and communication with the universities

Selection of recommenders

Brainstorming, feedback and editing of

  • Essays
  • Resumes
  • Brag sheets for School Recommendations
  • Supplementary Recommendations

Mock interviews

Advice on waitlists

Recommendation on which offer to accept.


We help students apply for scholarships, such as The Robertson Scholars Leadership that provides eight semesters of full tuition, room and board, most mandatory fees for Scholars at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill and access to funding for up to three summer experiences, conferences, and two semesters of study abroad.


We know that the application process can be overwhelming and so we work with students to assess their fear and anxieties and then help them reframe their thoughts and beliefs so they feel confident, motivated and empowered.

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Student, 2021, Admitted to Stanford University
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"Kavita really understands the US application process and what it takes to get in – that’s why she could bust all the myths I had heard and focus on what’s important. I am thrilled to be at Stanford - my dream school."
Student, 2021-22, Admitted to Cornell University
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"Because I started working with Futureworks in Grade 9, I was really able to learn what it was that I wanted. My grades were patchy in Grade 9, but that focus helped me realize I had the potential and by grade 11 I was already at the top of my class. My consultant pushed me really hard to make sure my application was differentiated from others, and showed the utmost confidence in me."
Parent of Student, 2019-20, Admitted to UC Berkeley
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"A magician – that’s how I would describe Kavita! She spends time digging deep into a student’s experiences and coming up with what really is unique about each of them and then turning those into absolutely fantastic essays. "
Student, 2019-20, Admitted to Columbia
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"Kavita helps you push your limits. You will find yourself making connections, doing internships you never thought you were capable of, taking the right tests and producing spectacular essays, all leading up to your final destination - your dream college. Even if you don’t make it (which, with FutureWorks, is next to impossible), you’ll learn a lot along the way. I made it to not 1, but 4 of my dream colleges. "