Future Ready for Grade 7-9

We help students in grades 7-9 to get FutureReady by identifying and exploring their interests, building impactful extracurriculars, critical thinking skills, motivation and work ethic.

Our FutureReady program helps students

Identify and Explore Interests

We analyze children’s responses to open-ended questions on their academic interests, extracurriculars, personal experiences, backgrounds and directed questions on local and global issues.

Identifying different interests we weave them together to develop an exciting personalized project idea and work with students on it. We help students set goals, create a plan, seek feedback, overcome roadblocks, measure success and self-reflect on what they liked and disliked. Based on this, we recommend interest areas to pursue further and develop a plan to scale the project through high school.

Build Extracurriculars

Identifying different interests, we recommend extracurriculars for each student that will enable them to explore what they love and build key skills. Using self-reflection tools, we empower students to make choices about which extracurriculars to deepen.

Improve and Elevate Academics

We help students to
- identify learning strategies that have worked for them, and how to apply those to subjects they need to improve in
- identify coaches and courses to help students improve
- expand students abilities in subjects they love, by recommending advanced programs that will help them excel in high school and in competitions.

Develop Critical Thinking and Research Skills

- We evaluate students reasoning and critical thinking skills and recommend areas for improvement.
- We work with students to help them address issues in a logical fashion, reason from premises to conclusion, and demonstrate flexibility to new ideas or information.

Build Motivation and Develop Work Ethic

We first identify barriers to motivation, such as a fear of failure, overwhelming schedules, difficulty focusing, misbeliefs such as ‘talent is innate’ and ‘success should come to us easily if we are talented’.

We then help students to build confidence by reframing beliefs about their abilities that drive effort and perseverance, prioritizing and rationalizing schedules, and avoiding distractions

Future Ready Services


We have packages for 1, 2 and 3 years

One Project Package

We help students to discover their interests, which can later inform their choice of major, and based on that design, develop and monitor a key project that can become a significant pillar in their application. This package includes 15, one-hour, monitoring sessions


We help students identify what is distracting them, how to apply strategies that have been effective in the past, recommend study and planning techniques to stay focused, and assess their interests to direct their energy in areas that will drive motivation.


Parent of student, Admitted to Dartmouth, 2018
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"My son worked with Kavita starting in Grade 7 and came away with an exciting project that he built up into something that was truly impressive over 4+ years. It became so significant that it was the reason he was admitted into an Ivy, and also how he discovered he wanted to major in Economics/Business and not Chemistry."
Parent of student, will apply to college in 2024
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"When my daughter began in Class 9 she was shy and timid. I saw how she transformed within a year. Futureworks unleashed her passion, by identifying what she liked and creating a project that really spoke to her interests."
Parent of student, will apply to college in 2024
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"When my son started in Grade 9, his grades were up and down. Kavita recognized that he had a huge fear of failure, and worked with him to address that. She also taught us how to talk to him about our vulnerabilities – and that really helped improve our relationship. More confident, he is now getting straight As."