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Did you know that students who engage in meaningful research are 25% more likely to get into a top 10 college?
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Training on foundational research skills
Training on the opportunities and challenges in rural India [for EIRP only]
One-on-one mentorship from subject-matter experts
Guidance on publishing your research once completed
Advice on reflectiing research in college applications
Outstanding students may get a LOR from their mentors

Our Programs

The Emerging India Research Program:

If you are a student who is passionate about the changing landscape of rural India and want to research on these changes, then the EIRP program is a great opportunity for you. The program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and mentorship they need to conduct high-quality research that can make a real impact on rural communities.

The Research Scholars Fellowship:

The Research Scholars Fellowship caters to students whose interests lie outside of rural India. Students in this program have worked on interesting topics like anxiety, optimism, and resilience during the COVID-19 Pandemic, or using game theory to understand international relations.

What sets our program apart from other research programs?

Spotlight local issues.

With offers from 500+ Ivy leagues and 300+ Top-5 UK universities, we know that colleges are looking for diverse voices. To help them stand out, we encourage students to focus their research on local issues.

Develop a unique application strategy with your research.

We aim to distinctively position you in your applications. We may advise you to write a review paper along with original research, present your paper at prestigious competitions like the IRIS National Fair, etc.

Students don't need to be prepared with a topic before signing up with us.

We can help you brainstorm a unique topic if you don't have one in mind!

Self-paced and competitively priced.

We understand that all students cannot produce vast, original research and so we have options for shorter, less expensive programs where students can write shorter papers or review papers.

What do students in these programs have access to:

Training on foundational research skills

Students receive 10+ hours of recording by academics, on the foundations of research. This ensures that when they join their first session, they already have a strong base understanding.

Training on the opportunities and challenges in rural India [for EIRP only]

Students in the EIRP program have access to another 10+ hours of recordings where industry experts break down key areas in rural India (women empowerment, livelihoods, financial inclusion, agri-tech, health-tech, and ed tech).

One-on-one mentorship from subject-matter experts

One-on-one mentorship and research training from subject matter experts such as PhD candidates from elite institutions like Oxford and Stanford. They will guide you through each aspect of your paper, from developing your hypotheses to writing your final analysis.

Brainstorming a unique research topic

We generally encourage our students to focus on local problems. As it helps their work stand out, even in terms of college applications since colleges value diverse voices. Unlike other programs, students don't need to come in with an idea. We will help you develop one.

Advice on how you can reflect this research work in your college applications

To ensure a seamless transition between your research work and college applications, we will guide you on how you can reflect it.

Guidance on publishing your research once completed

At the end, we'll help you identify publications and submit your research to them.

Questions? Check out our FAQs here.

Can't find an answer? Email us at kavita@futureworks.co.in or call us at +91 93111 35674,+91 93111 35294

Yes, the cost of our research program is very competitive, especially considering the high quality of our instruction and the expertise of our mentors. Here are some specific reasons why our program is an
  • Affordability: Compared to other research programs of similar quality and structure, our program is very affordable. Other programs typically cost 4-6 lakhs, while our program is priced at a fraction of that cost.
  • Expert mentorship: You will be mentored by subject matter experts from top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, and Stanford. These experienced mentors will provide you with personalized guidance and support as you develop your research skills.
  • Strong foundation in research: Before you even begin your first research project, you will receive ten hours of recordings that explain the foundations of research. This will give you a solid understanding of research terminology, methods, and best practices, so you can hit the ground running. In other programs, students spend paid hours understanding basic research terminology and methodology.

We understand that not everyone has the time to commit to creating original research or to participate in a traditional research program. That's why our program is self-paced and flexible, allowing you to learn at your own speed and fit your studies into your busy schedule. Students can schedule their sessions according to their availability. There's no set time period within which they must avail their sessions.

Often, we advise students to develop multiple papers- including research and review papers. Especially in the case of review papers, this helps students build a portfolio of sorts. We also help students identify and participate in competitions to showcase their work.

Many of our students publish review papers and articles. In fact, we can actually help you ideate and develop multiple shorter review papers. If you have published two or more review articles/ papers which are all based on the same theme, you end up building a very focused and streamlined profile while reflecting your skills.

Many students face this challenge, and it's perfectly normal. Our program is designed to address this concern. We'll work closely with you to explore your interests, delve into the latest research trends, and brainstorm intriguing research topics and questions. Together, we'll identify a topic that sparks your curiosity and aligns with your academic goals. So, if you want to start your research but you don't know how to begin or what themes to focus on, this program is perfect for you.

Absolutely. In fact, competitive applicants often have multiple research papers that they have developed and even published.

Research experience can significantly enhance your college applications, raising your likelihood of acceptance by up to 20% at top-tier institutions. This is because colleges are eager to admit students who demonstrate intellectual curiosity and a passion for learning beyond the confines of a traditional classroom setting. Developing your own research paper/ article shows admission officers that you're an independent and critical thinker, who can contribute valuably to their field. Our program has helped students develop multiple papers, including original research and review papers. We also help students identify and participate in competitions to showcase their work.