Transfer Admissions

We help students transfer to their dream colleges every year – from UPenn, to Columbia, to Berkeley to LSE. Over 2 million college students transfer ever year in the US!

Not sure if you want to transfer? We can help!

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, contact us.

  • Have your academic interests and goals changed? Are you worried that your college can’t cater to these new interests and goals?
  • Are you disappointed by the campus experience?
  • Are the academics at your college too rigorous or too easy?
  • Have your grades improved in college and you now want a more competitive school?
  • Are you yet to join college, but think that you’ll want to try for a more competitive school?

While it may seem like the transfer application process is just a repeat of the freshman application process, it isn’t. What’s different?

Carefully evaluate your reasons for transferring.

Weigh the benefits of transferring against the drawbacks.

Ensure your shortlisted schools meet your key transfer criteria.

Understand transfer admissions rates, which are very different to freshman admissions rates.

Ensure you meet the transfer prerequisites.

Maintain a high college GPA, build an impressive college resume and develop relationships with professors.

Develop your ‘why transfer essay’ narrative.

Select your major: transfer schools find it easier to place students who know their major.

Understand how transfer deadlines vary across schools.

FutureTransfer Services


After assessing your reasons for transfer and your profile, we provide you with recommendations on whether to transfer, how to strengthen your profile and identify best-fit schools.  What do we do?

Deep dive into your reasons for transfer

Assess your academic, extracurricular and leadership profile

Advise on whether you should apply for transfer or if and how you can achieve your goals at your current campus

For students in college, we provide recommendations on how to improve their academic, extracurricular and leadership profile for transfer.

For students on their way to college, we provide recommendations on how to strengthen their academic, extracurricular and leadership profile before and after they join college.

Recommend best-fit schools


To transfer you’ll need stellar academic achievements, a strong extracurricular profile and must convincingly explain why you want to transfer to that college.

We develop a personalized application strategy that includes the following:

Extra courses and competitions

College courses and GPA to target

College internships, research opportunities, and special academic programs to pursue

College extracurriculars and leadership opportunities

Transfer schools to target

Communicating and Networking with Transfer schools

Developing College Recommendations

  • Building relationships with Professors
  • Selecting Professors
  • Brainstorming, review and editing of bragsheets

Crafting your ‘why you want to transfer’ narrative, all your essays and resume

Mock interviews

Recommendation on which offer to accept

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Student, 2019-20, Transferred to Columbia University
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“Futureworks helped me to transfer by helping me build a really strong resume in college and by crafting a unique narrative, carefully weaving together my personal experiences, school activities and college research and leadership achievements. Having worked with another counsellor for my freshman applications, I can confidently say that the difference they make is just tremendous!”
Student, 2020-21, Transferred to NYU
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“Unhappy at the college I was at, Futureworks helped me find a college that would be a good fit for my personality and interests. They helped me to build my resume in college and craft a unique narrative, carefully weaving together my personal experiences, school activities and college research and leadership achievements. The difference they make is tremendous!”
Student, 2020-21, Admitted as Transfer Student to UC Berkeley
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“Kavita has the uncanny ability to turn your interest into compelling academic and leadership activities that will make you really stand out in the application”.
Student, Transferred to University of Pennsylvania Class of 2016
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“There is only one phrase to perfectly describe Futureworks - Dream catcher! With her keen insight, creativity and talent for helping her clients convert every little bit of potential into something truly unique, Kavita helped me achieve my dream. Having had experience with other college prep organisations before coming to Futureworks, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and detail involved in the counselling process. Thank you for everything!”
Student, Transferred to Columbia University Class of 2016
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“I had been told for almost a year that transferring to an Ivy League university was near impossible, and I was starting to accept that as well. That was before Kavita pushed me like it was her own application, and truly brought out the best in me. Reading, my original freshman applications, I could now see they lacked the maturity and depth of the essays I was able to write after the guidance I received from Futureworks. I owe my next three years in Columbia University to Kavita Singh.