At Futureworks, we have a strong track record of getting students into top schools from Harvard to Wharton to Columbia to LBS to INSEAD. And we are known for helping reapplicants to make it to their dream schools! We have helped applicants who have been rejected in 1, or even 2 cycles, get admitted.

Here’s how we help, step-by-step. You can start with us right from step 1, or at any point in our process.


In college we help you decide on whether to

  • apply to a deferred MBA
  • apply for a Master’s and, later an MBA

If you have work experience, we help you decide on

  • whether to apply for a Master’s, MBA or a dual degree MBA
  • which MBA programs to target, given your profile, career goals and analysis of recruitment statistics

We help by:

deep diving into your different academic, career and personal interests

identifying how to weave these together to create exciting career goals

designing different pathways to achieve your career goals

recommending a pathway and program(s) to achieve your career goals

recommending countries and a list of universities, along with what you’ll need to do to be a competitive applicant


We understand how MBA admissions committees evaluate you and how that criteria varies from school to school. We help candidates identify and pursue projects at work and beyond to significantly elevate their profiles

We demystify the MBA admissions criteria

And map your background against these criteria

We assess gaps and make specific recommendations on how to improve on each criterion, both at work and beyond.

We identify how to strategically position you so you stand out


Applying for the first time?

We review your entire profile to advise you on

  • if you should apply this year,
  • if you should split your list between this year and next year, and how to do so,
  • if you are applying this year, how to maximize your chances of getting into a top school

We are known for our success in helping reapplicants.
We review your entire profile, including any past applications you submitted to provide a detailed Ding Analysis with specific recommendations on how to maximize your chances of getting into a top school


Working on cycle after cycle of admissions, we have a deep understanding of how the process changes depending on what is happening externally (recession vs boom time) and how the applicant profile is changing.

Our clients tell us it’s how we spend time strategically positioning each client and brainstorming with them on essays, honing draft after draft, to ensure we are telling a compelling story that results in their success.




Strategic positioning of your profile

University selection, and networking and communication with the universities

Brainstorming, feedback and editing of Essays, Resumes, Recommendations

Advice on Video Essays

Mock interviews

Advice on waitlists

Recommendation on which offer to accept


We also help identify and submit stand-out applications to prestigious fellowships and scholarships, including Forte Fellows and Knight-Hennessy. In addition, many of our students have awarded funding based on the strength of their MBA applications – with $20,000 by HBS, $60,000 by Yale and $ 40,000 by Michigan Ross being some of our recent awards.

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Student, 2021, Admitted to Wharton
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“I’d applied the year before on my own, but did not make it. Not sure how much a consultant could help me, when I met Kavita her candid feedback about my previous applications and her suggestions about what I should do to better present myself as a candidate made me immediately sign up. Kavita spent quality time with me, more than I expected anyone to; making sure my application was as strong as it could be. This time around I got into most of the schools I have applied to and even got a $40,000 scholarship from one of them as well”.
Student, 2022, Admitted to INSEAD
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“I believe starting with the process early really benefited me, something that Kavita advised me to do. Getting into an MBA program as a male Indian, IT engineer is extremely tough and Kavita helped me succeed by digging into my work-ex and co-curriculars to create a compelling list of accomplishments, positioning me in a unique way and finalizing a coherent goal (short and long term). Futureworks helped me identify and map my strengths and weaknesses with those of the top business schools and helped my narrow down the list.”
Student, 2020, Admitted to LBS
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"Having worked with Futureworks for my undergraduate process I knew they were the only who could help me get into an MBA program in what became a insanely competitive year because of Covid. By crafting my career path while in college itself Futureworks helped me to build an impressive resume and then later an outstanding application."
Student, 2019, Admitted to Kellogg
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"Kavita provides a very structured approach to framing a great application. She knows exactly what the schools look for in successful candidates. Her straightforward and honest feedback on the essays was critical and her promptness unparalleled."
Student, 2021, Admitted to Harvard Business School
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"Kavita is extremely professional and quick in pinning down problems, focusing on areas for improvement and enhancing my strengths. All this ensured my candidature got noticed amongst a very competitive applicant pool. Never giving up, she continued pushing me to refine my application, resume and interview preparation."