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Our Services

We provide personalized support to help students identify and reach their educational, career and personal goals.
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Services for Class 3-9 students to help them build curiosity and motivation. These 2 traits are as important as IQ when it comes to achieving academic success.

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Services for Class 7-9 students to identify and explore their interests, start on impactful extracurriculars, and build critical thinking skills, motivation and work ethic.
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College Admissions

We have the expertise to help you through the unique Oxbridge application process in which interviews with professors test students thinking skills.
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College Admissions

US, Canada, UK, EU, Singapore/HK
Personalized college counseling services to help students through the increasingly competitive admissions process.
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Transfer Admissions

We have helped students to transfer to universities like UPenn, Columbia, Berkeley, NYU, LSE and many more by finding best-fit transfer schools, building impressive activities in college and crafting standout applications.
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Master’s, MBA & PhD Admissions

We help students to make important career choices, build impressive resumes and get into their best-fit graduate programs. Students start with us as early as the first year of college.

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About Us

Founded in 2009, with a mission to enable a student’s long term success Futureworks is focused not only on helping students get into the world’s top universities but also on helping them to discover and explore their interests, translate them into meaningful academic and career goals, and build the skills and mindset to become high achievers.

We have worked with students across India, U.S, U.K. France, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya, Nigeria and Dubai.

We also provide institutional support to schools and colleges, delivering workshops, both for specific and year-round needs. We have worked with The Shri Ram School, Doon School. Scottish High, OP Jindal University, Shiv Nadar University amongst others.

Passionate about building students' skills, Kavita has developed and piloted academic programs including a 4 credit college course for IES Abroad and Columbia Business School's entrepreneurship program for high school students.

Kavita Singh,
CEO Futureworks

The Futureworks Advantage

It’s our holistic approach that enables students to succeed in college applications and in life. We offer a step-by-step process to help students navigate the complex process of discovering their interests, and making decisions about colleges, majors and careers.

We work with young students, in Class 3-9, to drive their curiosity and motivation levels because all the research show that curiosity and motivation outweigh IQ when it comes to achieving academic success.

We empower students by working with them from Class 7 onwards to identify and explore their interests, start on impactful extracurriculars, and build critical thinking skills, motivation and work ethic.

Deep diving into students different academic, career and personal interests we identify how to weave these together to create exciting academic, career and personal goals and then pick the right course, at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

We design a detailed plan to build a strong set of academic, work and extracurricular achievements – which revolve around a student’s authentic interests and goals.

Reviewing a student’s entire profile, including past applications, we recommend what curriculum, colleges and countries would best suit them and assess their chances at Oxbridge and for transfer. For postgraduate students, we also help decide when to apply and whether to reapply.

By identifying interesting themes in a student’s background, interests, academics and activities we help develop stand-out projects and craft compelling, unique essays.

We Help You Get Future Focused

With a mission to enable a student’s long-term success, we offer much more than personalized college counseling. We are proud to help students to

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An Achievers Mindset
Putting in a competitive application is hard, and we work with students to overcome anxiety and help them build the work ethic needed to achieve success.
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Interests and Set Career Goals
We conduct a deep dive to help students discover their interests and then translate them into meaningful educational, career and personal goals.
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21st Century Skills For Success
To build outstanding academic and extracurricular achievements we develop students’ skills – in reasoning and logical thinking, research, writing, speaking and networking. These skills are critical for success in college and beyond.
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We closely monitor a student’s progress, so we can identify roadblocks and help them overcome them – whether that’s a fear of failure, uncooperative team mates or overwhelming schedules.


Student, 2022
Admitted to Oxford for Law
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“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kavita conducted a deep analysis of my background and helped me realise that I had credentials to get into Oxbridge. Pinpointing specific areas for improvement, she rigorously prepped my for the interview, without which I wouldn’t have made it”.
Parent of Student, 2016, Admitted to Cambridge University, Land Economy
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“We are not only satisfied but forever indebted to Kavita and Futureworks for helping my son. Futureworks has an excellent, professional team whose commitment and sincerity is paralleled by none. We are so confident in their services that we have now even enrolled our younger son who is only in grade IX”.
Student, 2022, Admitted to INSEAD
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“I believe starting with the process early really benefited me, something that Kavita advised me to do. Getting into an MBA program as a male Indian, IT engineer is extremely tough and Kavita helped me succeed by digging into my work-ex and co-curricular to create a compelling list of accomplishments, positioning me in a unique way and finalizing a coherent goal (short and long term). Futureworks helped me identify and map my strengths and weaknesses with those of the top business schools and helped my narrow down the list.”
Student, 2020-21, Transferred to NYU
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“Unhappy at the college I was at, Futureworks helped me find a college that would be a good fit for my personality and interests. They focused me on by helping me build my resume in college and craft a unique narrative, carefully weaving together my personal experiences, school activities and college research and leadership achievements. The difference they make is tremendous!”
Student, 2020-21, Admitted as Transfer Student to UC Berkeley
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“Kavita has the uncanny ability to turn your interest into compelling academic and leadership activities that will make you really stand out in the application."
Student, 2019, Admitted to Kellogg
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"Kavita provides a very structured approach to framing a great application. She knows exactly what the schools looked for in successful candidates Her straightforward and honest feedback on the essays was critical and her promptness unparalleled."
Student, 2020-21, Admitted as Transfer Student to UC Berkeley
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“Kavita has the uncanny ability to turn your interest into compelling academic and leadership activities that will make you really stand out in the application."
Student, 2021-22, Admitted to London Business School, Masters in Management
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"With an analytical, structured process Kavita helped me craft a unique positioning. through her step by step approach I managed to recall the minutest but important information, which can very easily be overlooked, to ensure each of my essays were compelling."
Student, 2020-21, Admitted to Cambridge, LLM
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"It’s her ability to hone in and identify what will make you stand out that resulted in my success. Kavita approaches the applications with a laser focus on what’s important and what isn’t, culling out unnecessary information and drawing out what’s unique."

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