Canada, Singapore & HK, EU Admissions

Many of our students apply to multiple countries and some are now choosing only to apply to countries like Canada. Our students have been admitted to top universities – from UBC with scholarships of up to CAD $ 100,000 to UToronto, McGill to NUS and NTU.

We help you decide which type of curriculum will suit you and recommend countries and universities. If you are applying to multiple counties, we help you to prioritize your choices and direct your energy accordingly.


Our students are regularly admitted to UBC, UToronto, McGill, Waterloo, Queens and Western University.

We work with students from Class 9 onwards, in a comprehensive step-by-step process. You can start with us right from step 1, or at any point in our process.

We follow the same process as we would for US applications.

We advise you on how to apply given that the program structure at Canadian universities differ with

  • most requiring you to select your major when applying,
  • selected opportunities for minors,
  • specific opportunities to change your major after being admitted

Some business programs require video interviews, which we prepare you for.


We work with students from Class 9 onwards, in a comprehensive step-by-step process. You can start with us right from step 1, or at any point in our process.

We follow the same process as we would for UK applications.

Some universities like SMU conduct interviews, with one-one-one and group discussions, which we prepare you for.

Other universities like NUS allow you to apply even if your grades aren’t competitive, if you fall into certain, special categories. We assess your profile to see if you can apply under these categories.

There are several excellent undergraduate programs in Europe that are taught in English. We help you to assess whether you should apply to European universities and then help you with the application process.

A university that’s particularly popular is The Paris Institute of Political Studies (SciencesPo for short) which also has exclusive programs like the Dual Bachelor Degrees with Columbia University, UC Berkeley, and UCL.

Our students often apply to universities in Holland, since English is widely spoken which makes it easier to fit in.

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Student, 2021-22, University of British Columbia
Scholarship of CAD$100,000
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"Through middle school and high school, I happily pursued my interests without much thought of University. In grade 11, suddenly, the whole idea of figuring out what I needed to do seemed daunting and confusing. Until, I met Kavita. She is very insightful and quickly understood my interests and guided me accordingly to put together an application that helped set me apart. She prodded me to add to my resume and that added significantly to my profile and helped me win a massive scholarship. The correct counsellor makes all the difference. I am happy, I had Futureworks behind me."
Student, 2020-21, NUS
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"FutureWorks turned the procrastinator that I was into a hard working student by pushing me and ensuring I got my work done, to a high quality. Miss Kavita gave me individual attention and with her knowledge of all the different schools I got the absolute best of what I wanted."
Student, 2020-21, University of Toronto, Rotman School of Business
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"Not all programs in Canada have interviews, but Business programs do. Terrified of the very idea of an interview, I was worried I wouldn’t get into any of the top programs. Kavita trained me so diligently, making me feel confident, helping me to structure my answers so beautifully and empowering me to answer tricky questions. All this training has also really helped me to do well college!"
Parent of Student, 2019-20, Sciences Po
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"It has been an absolutely amazing experience working and interacting with FutureWorks. They really took time to understand my son and our family and what we wanted. Without their support, my son’s admission into Sciences Po would not have been possible! Sciences Po wasn’t even on our radar, and only it was after FutureWorks suggested it did we speak to other people and realize how competitive and globally recognized it is. I strongly recommend FutureWorks guidance to enhance your child’s prospects of getting admission to the university of their choice."
Student, 2020-21, Singapore Management University
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"The college admission process was foreign to me and I needed guidance and support through this journey. From the very first meeting with Kavita, I could feel a profound sense of professionalism and care in her dialogue. This was very important to us, as we had a talented child who has some special educational needs. Kavita was able to help us select the right colleges, across 3 different countries, and help our child to tell her story in the essays in a very powerful way. "