PhD and PsyD

To pursue a PhD and PsyD abroad is super competitive, with PhD programs taking only a handful of students, and the application process being much more involved than that for Master’s programs.

At Futureworks, we give you the additional support you’ll need through our step by step process. You can start with us right from step 1, or at any point in our process.

So what additional support do we offer PhD students who want to study abroad?


We help you assess whether pursuing a PhD abroad will help you catalyze your career goals.

We assess where you are better suited for a MA/MSc, MPhil or a PhD at this stage in your career.

For Psychology, we assess if you should pursue a PhD or PsyD.

We provide a detailed assessment, with specific recommendations on what you can do, immediately and over time, to achieve your PhD or PsyD goals.


We help you to build a detailed roadmap with customized recommendations on academic courses and programs, competitions, internships, fellowships, research assistantships, research activities, relevant work experience and how to get involved in academic conferences and publications.


We help you to identify and narrow down your research goals

With clarity on your goals, we help you conduct an in depth study of universities to map their research focus to your research goals.

We then help you to shortlist universities and decide if you should apply to the US, UK, Canada, EU or Australia,

We advise you on how to network with and communicate with professors.


 In FutureApp we provide a comprehensive application consultation which includes the following:




University selection

Identify potential supervisors

Contacting potential supervisors

Developing research proposal

Detailed feedback on writing samples

Brainstorming, feedback and editing of essays, resumes and recommendations,

Mock Interviews

Recommendation on which offer to accept.


PhD, Psychology, Penn State
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"It was because I worked with Kavita that I was able to produce the type of writing sample that really displayed my analytical and research strengths, which was absolutely critical to me getting accepted."
PhD, International Relations, Fletcher School, Tufts University
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"What was particularly helpful was the depth in which Kavita and Futureworks went to help me identify how what I wanted to focus my PhD on linked to the work the professors were doing at the universities I wanted to apply to. That helped me to hone my narrative very effectively and also refine my school list to make it much more targeted. I can’t thank Futureworks enough!"
PsyD, Widener
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"From helping me decide whether I should apply for a PhD or PsyD, to helping me figure out what areas to focus on in my essays, to helping my recommenders understand how to write an effective recommendation letter for a PsyD program, Futureworks was indispensable. Kavita is truly committed to her clients - it’s not just a commercial transaction for her. "