Our Difference

We help students get into top universities while helping them discover their interests, develop meaningful goals, build 21st century skills, motivation and work ethic to become high achievers.

Employing a holistic, step-by-step process we help students navigate the complex process of making decisions about majors, colleges, and careers.


Grade 3+

We help young students develop Curiosity + Effort, traits which rival IQ when it comes to achieving academic success. We also run workshops for parents.


Grade 7-9

We help students in middle school to direct their curiosity, get started on impactful extracurriculars, and build critical thinking skills, motivation and work ethic.


Grade 9+

We help students assess their interests, goals and profile to select majors, colleges, countries and careers. In college, we also help students decide whether to transfer or change majors.


Grade 9+

We help students build a detailed roadmap of academic courses and programs, competitions, internships, fellowships and/or job choices, research activities, volunteerships, extracurricular and leadership activities.


Grade 9+

We review students profiles to give them a true assessment of where they stand and what they must do to achieve their goals.


Grade 9+

Our ability to identify interesting themes in a student’s background, interests, academics and activities enables us to develop stand-out resumes and craft compelling, unique essays.

We elevate students reasoning and logical thinking, research, writing, speaking and networking and help them overcome the anxiety associated with putting in a competitive application.

We closely monitor their work to help them overcome roadblocks and build the work ethic to achieve success.