Oxbridge/UK Admissions

Applying to top UK universities is very competitive. Renowned for its tutorial system, competition for Oxbridge is fierce and the interviews are legendary for being notoriously hard.  We provide highly personalized and expert support at each stage of our holistic, step by step process.

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What additional entry requirements do Oxford and Cambridge have?

UK universities evaluate Class 10 grades, Class 12 predicted scores, your Personal Essay and One Letter of Recommendation from your school.

Oxbridge also requires:


Writing Samples

College selection

Academic Interviews


We provide early advising on strategic decisions such as choosing your high school qualifications and subjects to meet the course entry requirements and build an impressive academic profile.

Selecting high school qualifications and subjects

Identifying academic interests and courses

Engaging in wider reading, research and work experience

Training you to develop Thinking Skills for Oxbridge


In FutureMap, we help you build a detailed roadmap that includes personalized recommendations for the following: 

wider reading

academic courses and programs




research activities

leadership, volunteerships and extracurriculars related to your course

We help you develop project and research proposals, design the project/research studies, and advise you on how to showcase or publish these pieces of work.

FutureAssess for Oxbridge

You want to apply this year but are unsure if you have a good shot at getting selected for the Oxbridge interview or have the reasoning and critical thinking skills to do well in the interview.

We review your academic credentials, super curriculars and extra-curricular activities, mock assessment tests, and conduct a full mock interview to provide you with a report on your profile and performance, and give you specific strategies for improvement.


 We offer a comprehensive service that includes 





University selection

Brainstorming, feedback and editing to craft a unique personal statement

Brainstorming, feedback and editing of your bragsheet for your recommendation

And for Oxbridge, we have the expertise to provide

Training on essay-based assessment tests

Selection of and feedback on writing samples

Critical thinking training

Extensive mock interviews


Student, 2021- 2022, Admitted to Oxford for Law
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“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kavita conducted a deep analysis of my background and helped me realise that I had the credentials to get into Oxbridge. Pinpointing specific areas for improvement, she rigorously prepped my for the interview, without which I wouldn’t have made it”.
Student, 2021- 2022, Admitted to Oxford for Law
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"Kavita Ma’am offered me the best help I could ask for in applying to the University of Oxford. With her, I was able to build a profile that reflected my interests and true passion to read the law. Her guidance, insight, and support ensured that my application was the best it could be. Ma’am was always invested in my LNAT preparation too, reviewing my essays and suggesting ways I could improve my writing skills. After submitting my UCAS application, preparing for the interview seemed very daunting at first. Through the programme that Kavita Ma’am devised, I could not have been better prepared. With multiple mock interviews every week, each crafted based on previous interviews that Oxford Dons have conducted, she ensured that I was confident to face any type of problem presented to me. The assessment of mock interviews helped me identify the precise areas that needed improvement, along with creative ways to overcome them. Honestly, I believe that I wouldn’t have been able to get into my dream university if it wasn’t for the well-rounded guidance offered by Ma’am."
Student, 2021, Admitted to Cambridge for Economics
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“Kavita not only helped me pick the right subject and college within Cambridge to apply to, but helped me build my confidence, identified my passions and honed my critical thinking skills”.
Parent of Student, 2016, Admitted to Cambridge University, Land Economy
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“We are not only satisfied but forever indebted to Kavita for helping my son. Futureworks has an excellent, professional team whose commitment and sincerity is paralleled by none. We are so confident in their services that we have now even enrolled our younger son who is only in grade IX”.