US Colleges Want to Know How Covid-19 Impacted you

How did the pandemic affect you?

The Common App application has included a question which allows students to explain how the pandemic impacted them and what they were doing during the lockdown.

Why is this important?

This essay will help admission officers better understand the context that shaped your application.

Common mistakes:

Many students talk about how their perspectives and experiences changed in general rather than how their lives were impacted by the pandemic.

How the essay should be used:

Each individual had a different experience during the Pandemic. For instance, some may have lost a loved one whereas others may have been in a country that wasn’t affected and lived their normal lives and went to school.

The student whose life barely changed may have high grades, impressive extracurriculars, etc, whereas the student who lost someone dear to them may not. This essay asks students to reflect on such experiences, allowing admission officers to contextualise these applications for a fairer comparison.

Another example of how one can use this essay is of a student who was selected as the captain of the Indian football team but was unable to go as the tournament got cancelled because of the pandemic.

It is a big accomplishment to be selected to not only represent your country but also lead the team. However, without having gone for the tournament, this experience cannot be detailed in a resume or activity list. That’s where this essay comes in!

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