Caltech Changed its Admission Policies in an Effort to Increase Diversity

Caltech, a top university with a 3% admission rate, is making a major change to its admissions process in an effort to increase diversity. They recently announced that they will drop admission requirements for calculus, physics and chemistry courses for students who don’t have access to them. Instead, students who do not have access to these courses will be able to demonstrate their abilities through alternative paths.

One of Caltech’s alternative paths is taking Khan Academy’s free, online courses and scoring 90% or higher on a certification test.

It is important to note that students who have access to these courses in their high school are still required to take them. This is to ensure that all students have a level playing field when applying to Caltech. Students must read such policy changes carefully in the right context!

This is a great change that will allow more students to be able to apply!

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