5 Things To Do If Your Results Didn’t Meet College Requirements

So, your exams didn’t go as planned and you haven’t met your college requirements?

It’s a common myth that US universities don’t rescind offers. But they can if your grades are significantly lower than your predicted grades.

Here are some things you can do:

1) Explain your grades. US universities allow applicants to explain their grades. Here, you would want to give a detailed explanation and get a good letter of recommendation from a counsellor who can vouch for you.
We’ve helped many of our clients get into top colleges like Stanford and Brown by doing this.

2) Some universities may still admit you if you agree to certain academic conditions.

3) Defer your admission. Ask the university to defer your admission so that you can retake your exams and get the required grades.

4) Check the NACAC college openings to find out which colleges still have open positions and consider applying there. The College Openings Update is a valuable resource for students as it lists colleges that are still accepting applications. The listing is updated daily, so students can check back frequently to see if any new colleges have been added.

5) Apply for UK clearing. In 2022, a record number of students secured a university place through Clearing according to UCAS figures – a total of 33,280. So, there’s a decent chance of finding something!

Don’t give up! There are still ways to get into your dream college, even if your grades didn’t go as planned.

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Wharton vs. Harvard vs. Columbia MBA: Which is Right for You?


Can you guess what percentage of the student body at Harvard Business School in 2022 started their own business?

(Answer: 13%)

What about Wharton and Columbia?

(6.9% and 3.1% respectively)

So, which school should you choose? It depends on your goals.
If you want to work in consulting or finance, Wharton has the reputation of a being THE finance school! The same goes for Columbia.
And if you want to start your own business, Harvard might be a better choice as they emphasize leadership and general management.

It is important to analyse specific features of programs that make them more relevant to you when making decisions.

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Reimagining Data into Creative Solutions

The high school students enrolled in the Emerging India Research Program can access data spanning across 6.6 lacs villages in a matter of seconds… Can you?

Learning about Mission Antyodaya and how to access it with Sandeep Ghosh and Manmeet Kaur during the Emerging India Research Program session was extremely valuable.

Mission Antyodaya is a convergence and accountability framework that comprises the largest rural survey in the world. Its database helps determine the best use of resources for rural development in the country.

This session exemplified one of the key components of the Emerging India Research Program- the benefits of working with industry experts. Their session gave us a deep understanding of what kind of data can be found and used. Most importantly, this session demonstrated how data can be used to develop extremely relevant and creative solutions such as the Rural Quality of Life Index.

Can you think of any creative solutions?