The Equity Research Project

Ask most alums- they’ll tell you that the practical learnings from their courses were what was most valuable for their career.

That is what makes the Cambridge Master of Finance program so attractive. Through their degree, students complete two mandatory projects and one optional one.
One such project is the Equity Research Project, a four-week course that gives students the chance to apply their financial, accounting, strategic, and communication skills to a real-world investment analysis.

How does it work?
Each team of students is assigned a listed company and tasked with carrying out a stock valuation. They work together to conduct detailed research on the company, identify its investment potential, and make a recommendation on whether to buy or sell shares.

The project is guided by an academic supervisor who provides advice and support, and at the end of the project, the teams present their findings to a panel of industry practitioners, including investment managers and equity analysts.

The teams are guided throughout the project by an academic supervisor who will provide advice and support. At the end of the project, the teams are required to make an active recommendation on whether to buy or sell shares in the company. The students then present their recommendations to a panel of experts including finance faculty and actual fund managers.

How does it add value for students?
This real-world simulation is a valuable opportunity for students to develop their presentation and pitching skills, as well as their ability to engage with industry experts and field questions on the spot. It is also a great way to network with potential employers and learn about the latest trends in the financial industry.