Reimagining Data into Creative Solutions

The high school students enrolled in the Emerging India Research Program can access data spanning across 6.6 lacs villages in a matter of seconds… Can you?

Learning about Mission Antyodaya and how to access it with Sandeep Ghosh and Manmeet Kaur during the Emerging India Research Program session was extremely valuable.

Mission Antyodaya is a convergence and accountability framework that comprises the largest rural survey in the world. Its database helps determine the best use of resources for rural development in the country.

This session exemplified one of the key components of the Emerging India Research Program- the benefits of working with industry experts. Their session gave us a deep understanding of what kind of data can be found and used. Most importantly, this session demonstrated how data can be used to develop extremely relevant and creative solutions such as the Rural Quality of Life Index.

Can you think of any creative solutions?