Making the right choice: MBA, Deferred MBA or Masters in Management

Wondering which program will help achieve your career aspirations? Our founder, Kavita Singh who has worked with 10,000+ students, will decode each program and empower students to translate their post-graduate choices into career success

Sunday, Jul 30, 2023
3:00 PM IST
Zoom (Online)

Helping you choose between Masters in Management, MBA, and Deferred MBA programs

Join Futureworks Consulting for an insightful webinar on the differences between Masters in Management, MBA, and Deferred MBA programs. This informative session will help individuals navigate their educational and career paths effectively.

  • Discover the key distinctions among these programs and understand which one aligns best with your aspirations.
  • Our expert speaker will delve into essential topics such as program structures, curriculum, career outcomes, and admission requirements.
  • This webinar is a must-attend for college students, working professionals, and anyone considering advanced business studies.

Our Speaker

Kavita Singh

CEO & Founder of Futureworks Consulting

Kavita, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Hons) in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from the University of Oxford and an MBA degree from Columbia Business School, where she earned her placement on the Dean's List and Beta Gamma Sigma. Kavita's 30 year career includes remarkable stints at prominent companies in the US such as Mars, Colgate-Palmolive, and WebMD, where she received many key performance and leadership awards for her innovative drive and outstanding performance.

Kavita established Futureworks in 2009 to empower students for college admissions and career success. She has counselled 10,000+ students: 97.5% of whom have received offers from their top 4 universities. Apart from garnering a $15 Million in scholarships, Kavita’s expertise includes getting re-applicants who were rejected in 1, or even 2 cycles, into their top choice universities. Kavita's impact also extends to designing 4-credit college courses for IES Abroad and piloting global entrepreneurship programs with Columbia Business School.


Number of students (1-on-1 & workshops)


Of our students invited to Oxbridge for interview get admitted.


of our students invited to Oxbridge for interview in 2021-22 were admitted

Case Studies


95%+, strong LNAT and CLAT scores

Applied to Oxford the previous year

Admitted to Oxford for Law

This candidate had applied the year before but had not been able to clear the interview. When we assessed his profile we found he had not done any mock interviews or critical thinking training. Since he was reapplying, we elevated his profile. We identified and helped him apply to a Socratic Colloquium, where he competed amongst industry practitioners, and a national essay contest. We also worked with him on a research paper, which he published in a US-based journal and on a chapter in a book. We repositioned his SOP to show very interesting insights and reflections on his experiences and conducted close to 20 mock interviews.