Are you applying to law programs at Oxford or Cambridge?

Are you applying to law programs at Oxford or Cambridge?

If yes, here are some important dates for you to keep in mind!
August 1 (today) – September 15, 2023: Register and book your LNAT test slot.
October 16, 2023: Submit your UCAS application.
October 16, 2023: Take the LNAT test before or on the 16th of October.

The Law National Admissions Test (LNAT) is a standardized test that is used by many UK universities to assess the aptitude of prospective law students. The LNAT does not test your knowledge of the law, but rather the skills required to study law such as critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving.

The LNAT is divided into two sections: Section A and Section B. Section A consists of 42 multiple-choice questions that are based on 12 argumentative passages. Section B is a 40-minute essay that you will write on one of three topics.

There are a few things you can do to prepare for the LNAT. First, you should read a quality newspaper such as The Financial Times, New York Times, and The Economist, every day. As you read, think about the following:

• What are the issues being raised?
• What assumptions are being made?
• What information is being relied on to draw which conclusion?
• How would you frame a counterargument?

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Here’s the registration link:

Best of luck!

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